Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Police Overtime Lawsuit

Here we go again: If you are not following the latest problem within the Troy Police Dept. then you better start. A federal lawsuit has been filed against Police Chief John Tedesco, Mayor Harry Tutunjan AND the City of Troy. That is YOU! Anytime the City of Troy is sued, the Citizens are being sued.

In a time when many Folks are in a uproar over the out of control Pension plans, they should be taking a close look at the overtime being worked in our Police Dept.

When Mayor Tutunjian was making his considerations on whom he wanted to appoint as the new Police Chief, Tedesco said one of his priority's would be to cut down the Overtime that is overwhelming the budget, and he is trying to do just that. There are somewhere in the area of 125 Officers on the force, some excellent Officers and others maybe a little marginal. Some have been there forever and some are brand new on the force. So they may be reading this and saying, what the heck business is it of hers or of anyone else's , how we put in for, or work our overtime! Well, my dear people, WE are PAYING for it and we most certainly have every right to be concerned over the amount, or HOW it is accrued, ESPECIALLY if it is being accrued as a Scam. Much is the talk going around how one Officer will be assigned to a shift and call in sick so a fellow Officer can come in on overtime and then the 'favor' is returned. How much of this is in dispute right now, we are not sure but we will most certainly find out. Also a concern to us is the fact that those pulling their pay off of the Taxpayers are themselves not residents who have to pay for it, OR will have to pay for the Lawsuit that has been placed, and am I right, Bobby Fitzgerald himself? Chief Tedesco and Mayor Tutunjian want this stopped, and we agree! There should be strict guidelines involving overtime and I am sure there are, but are they being followed? All of the Citizens of Troy should get on board with this issue and make it their priority to be very vocal about it. The Overtime embellishes the Pensions and on and on it goes. How much $$ can the City/Citizens support? Did our Officers join on to protect the city or become rich? We never object to a well paid Officer for a job well done, but some of this is overdone. We need to make sure all time worked is quality time. If the Police Dept. were a private entity would you be seeing this as such an issue? How do we deal with a contract that is grieved mostly on pay and benefits and not on performance?

Also, seeing the Taxpayer is who pays the salaries, wouldn't you think we would be able to vote on the Contract? I think maybe that should be put into play here. If retired Police Officers who no longer work for the Police Dept. can, then those who PAY the salaries should be able to. Maybe all this nonsense would stop. Also we should have some say on the final decisions on Grievances. If we think the Officers are not being paid correctly or there is some other problem with the ranks that is being grieved, we should be able to have some say on righting the wrong OR disciplining the offending Officer. If the grievances continue, maybe we should fire the whole Police Dept. and start all over again, hiring on the Officers who really want to work as a Public Servants and eliminate those who think we are a private bank. I want to see a LOT of comments here, I want to know how people feel about this, let us know if you are a Police Officer responding or a Taxpayer. Also for the Police Officers state how you feel about the Grievance, Lawsuit and/or Overtime. Because, "That's the Way it is!"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The UPTOWN Initiative PEPSI Refresh Grant

Revitalizing North Central is near and dear to my heart. Oh what a success story it would be to bring this once vibrant and elegant section of Troy back to its former glory! Xenia Allen, one of the founding members of the Uptown Initiative Neighborhood Project has written a application for a 50K Pepsi 'Refresh Grant'. This Grant would, if awarded, provide a great foundation for further restoration of Uptown/North Central. This has become a wonderful Community effort and we are asking and encouraging everyone to please go to the Pepsi Refresh site every single day and place your vote for this project. To vote simply click on the Internet address below or copy and paste into your browser.


The following are the Goals the group has included in their application:

  1. Plant Trees and Perennials for improved curb appeal of our streets.
  2. Artist paintings of murals at the gateway to Uptown.
  3. Community outreach and education.
  4. Regular clean -n -sweeps of the entire Uptown Neighborhood.
  5. Encourage urban green living & sustainability.

Here is the breakdown of how the 50K will be used:

$27,500 Trees, Perennials,Supplies, Landscaping services

$3,500 Brochures, Fliers for Community Outreach & Education

$10,000 Artist Mural Paintings

$3,000 Uptown Neighborhood Banners

$3,000 Street Cleanups and Signs

$3,000 Administrative

Volunteering your time in your Neighborhood or any other project is time consuming and not all Citizens do it. So this is a small request to do some Community service and help this group out by giving them a BIG BOOST and vote for this project and also send out the link to everyone in your Address Book and ask them to do the same on a daily basis to make this a successful effort! Paste it on your Facebook page also. REMEMBER.....this voting segment ends on December 31st!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Billie-Jean Greene

Billie-Jean Greene has made an announcement of her intention to run for City Council. I applaud her effort! In the short time she has resided in Uptown/North Central, she has gone the extra mile to make it her home and work towards making it a better place for everyone here. Some people reside in an area and just live in a house. Others take a look around them and say, 'what can I do to make it better for me AND my Neighbors'? This is what Billie-Jean has done. Billie-Jean attends on a Monthly basis the North Central Neighborhood Assn. meetings and also is a founding member of the Uptown Initiative. What is the difference you may ask? Not a whole lot but the Neighborhood Assn. focuses more on changing and eliminating the problems in our area, has a larger membership and has our Community Police in attendance and usually has a Guest Speaker to address and answer problems we may need help in dealing with. The Uptown Initiative is focusing on giving Uptown/North Central a different appeal to people and counteracting the negative reputation it has gained, mainly due to the fact it has become a dumping ground for situations not wanted in other areas of the City. Seeing Billie Jean lives DIRECTLY in North Central this young lady is going to be giving it her best. She is a member of both organizations and puts her effort out into the Community! If you don't know who she is, then you just haven't been involved.

Billie-Jean , should she definitely run , no doubt will focus on our problems and do her best to improve our conditions. We have a great location here in the City of Troy, situated nicely on the Hudson and really need to reach our potential as a desirable place to live. We have some of the largest and most beautiful houses in the City, and some of the most run down. We need to focus on and maximize what we already have. I know what she would like to see for herself, she would like to see for us all. Let's keep an eye on her and cross our fingers she WILL run! I have not heard of whomever else may be throwing their hat into the ring, but Billie Jean has my support.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Airport Anger

I feel I have to present my opinion on the latest outrage that the public here in the U.S. is venting. I have flown quite a few times and have been inconvenienced and one time almost missed a flight because of the very lenghty lines of Citizens being checked at the Airport in a various amount of ways, BUT, I feel that they have gone 'way too far' in the latest manner. Some folks are objecting to the latest scanner that is visually invasive, showing what they feel is a little too much of your anatomy under your clothes. Government Officials state that no one other than the person on one side of the scanner can see your outlined body and one other in another location, but it has already been reported that these pictures have somehow been viewed by hackers into this system. They may not know who you are but certainly can see your body. Others, and this is the one that the public is upset about and really gets my craw is the physical touching and grasping of your body in very personal areas! This is TOTALLY unnecessary! You could feel something someone is concealing under their clothes without the groping that is being done. One woman, this morning it was reported on the News was made to remove her Prosthesis Breast in public. I believe it was a Flight Attendant per the news report. PLEASE, not only should this NOT have been requested but it should have been done in private. And just WHO are these people that are tasked with touching your body in these ways? Can I do the same to them and will that make it 'even'?? I would refuse this portion of my employment were I a TSA employee in protest of the violation of the rights of others. And where ARE OUR RIGHTS?? If enough would do this, this situation may be viewed in the reality that it is, Molestation. If I were to be in a Bar and touch someone in one of the areas of the body these TSA workers are doing I would be arrested for that, and now maybe this may be a platform of defense that molesters may use, stating, what is the difference between 'this' and 'that'?

I was watching an interview on TV, while cleaning yesterday, , of a person speaking with a Head of Security I believe in France. He was stating that yes indeed we have taken it too far and it is entirely unnecessary.France is having the same security problems we are having. He states the U.S. is too concerned with being Politically Correct than using common sense. We state, "oh, we can't profile people' in order to decipher who may or may not be a threat. "Someone" might complain, WE ALL ARE COMPLAINING!!! WHO isn't getting that?? For example he stated we have no common sense and he referenced the 'Shoe Bomber'. He relayed to the Interviewer, that he not only 'looked' the part but he had a One-way ticket and arrived at the Airport without any luggage, someone who should have been quickly culled from the crowd. Instead we spend and waste time going overboard on elderly Senior Citizens or little girls holding a Teddy Bear, or Parents traveling very tired with children. Oh yes to be sarcastic I am SURE they would be the type to blow up a Plane on their way to Disney World.

Here are a few examples of nonsense, one I viewed and the other 2 happened to me. Also how long do you think it is going to take people to stop flying in protest or Tourist coming to America.

First while waiting in line, I was behind a Gentleman who was most likely in his mid 80's, traveling alone and the TSA employee had him dump his little carry on on a table for her to go through, she was young and very rude to him. He was quiet and she picked up his rolled up tube of Toothpaste and threw it aside and told him to get rid of it. He stated there was hardly anything still in it and he thought he could bring under 4 ounces or whatever the stated amount on board. She said to him "well it held 12 ounces at one time" so she tossed it. He told her he could not go through the scanner due to having a Pacemaker in his chest and pulled out a card that people in this position must carry. She then threw the rest of his things back in his carry on and had another Female TSA worker come over to hand wand him. I was so embarrassed for him just watching what went on after this and the way she made him spread his legs and went up between them with his hands behind his head. This was BEFORE all this other nonsense started and I don't think most people under arrest go through what he did.

Second, while personally returning from Mexico I was separated from the crowd for a more 'thorough' search, just me, the rest of my Family continued through the line. I had a sack Sundress on and Sandals. I had gotten a very bad sunburn on my feet while on vacation and my feet were very swollen and blistered in spots. I was wanded and then told to take these rubber sandal's off. I could not, my feet were so swollen that the skin had swelled over the strap on top and also the little buckle could not be gotten at. I asked that they be left on as I would not be able to get them back on IF I could get them off. The TSA Employee insisted and said I was going nowhere until I did, my Family was now through the line and in another part of the Security area. Another TSA employee came over and asked the other girl, why she was making me do this as you could clearly see the medical problem and that she was sure I wasn't hiding anything in my open sandals. Employee #1 stated because she wanted too. Nice. Eventually I struggled to get them off, couldn't get them back on and then continued through, almost missing the flight.

#3 While at Atlanta Airport, getting ready to go through the walk through scanner, we were in line and the attendant was shouting to put everything on the conveyor belt, Shoes, Jackets, Luggage, EVERYTHING! So I placed those things as well as my Computer and Purse on the belt and got in line. I was holding the folder AAA gives you for your Passport and so on in my hand, she sees it and hollers I said EVERYTHING on the belt, so I toss it over. My turn comes for the walk through and she says, where is your Ticket? I told her on the conveyor belt, so she pushes me aside and said you weren't supposed to put THAT on there. She then proceeds to take the rest of the people through. So.. in the meantime my Purse with my travel funds and my Computer have passed through and laying at the end of the counter that they come out of the Scanner. Would you be worried? I was, all those people just grabbing things and taking off to unknown parts of the Airport, in Atlanta no less, and I said to the attendant, I need to get my Purse and things, they are unattended and she said when "I get to you, I will get to you". Who has made these people God? As well as being rude, now they get to feel your body in very very personal spots.

What I want to see is our President and his Family and our Senators and what other Gods that have pushed this upon us, have these groping maneuvers done and filmed and presented to us on TV, exactly the way they are doing it to us, maybe then some folks will be happy but I still won't.

Revolt America, this has gone t-o-o-o far.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Judge Matt Turner

There is another race here in Troy that I am watching closely. Judge Matt Turner vs. Chuck Thomas. Judge Matt Turner currently presides over Troy City Court. For those who have never been before him, it would please you to know that it is a better experience than you would think. Not all folks have had the need to use the services of this court, but there are plenty of people in Troy that have and if you happen to have been before him either as a Claimant or a Defendant, you have to be honest, you may have gone in nervous but came out saying to yourself, geez, that wasn't as bad as I thought, regardless of which side of the road you were on.

I have been in Judge Turners Court 3 times. None of them I wanted to be there for, but because there are people in Troy whom don't hold up their end of an agreement, financially, or get some crazy idea in their head of what they think they can get away with, financial or otherwise, I have been there. Judge Turner, if possible will try to work something out between the Parties to avoid having it go any futher, if this is not possible you will have the hearing. Judge Turner makes it so no one feels intimidated. He lays out the facts of the case, as presented to him, asks if it is correct, lets both sides have their say in the matter, asks if there can be an agreement and when it is made or he makes it, he formalizes it and your matter is over. No Movie screen sweating, screaming, hollaring or pointing fingers. It is over and he calls the next case, and tries to move as quickly as possible so as not to inconvenience anyones day and stick to his schedule.

Judge Turner also has a very helpful staff who knows this Court very well and are quite helpful.

On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 2010, I will be casting my Vote for Matt Turner. I hope and encourage you to do so also.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday is Election Day

Well, Election Day is almost here, and I don't know about you, but it can't come soon enough for me! I really am so tired of the Ads on TV, some of the lies and outrageous accusations really get to be a little too much.

Everyone needs to get out and have their voice heard by casting your vote, if you DON'T, you have no one to blame but yourself if things don't start to change here in New York State. This State has been so beat up by the Politicans I don't even know how we can begin to dig out. It is tax on tax on tax and just how can we survive if this continues?

We need CHANGE! I have been part of the cry for VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!! Why ALL of them? Well for one thing, we haven't seen much change nor anyone trying to save any of us, they just all seem to be going along with everyone and everything. Why isn't someone trying to stop or reverse some of this taxation? Why are they allowing or creating things such as the DELIVERY FEE on our National Grid bills. I just want to throw up over that. I am on the Budget so I don't suffer so badly in the Winter with the high heat bills. My Monthly budgeted amount is $468, OF that $175 is DELIVERY FEES! Money we pay that we get absolutely nothing for, I will go into that in another BLOG. But things such as this and the taxes on Cell phones, out of control School Taxes.

Then remember our Corrupt Policticians that have been kicked out of office this year, how long was this all going on that we screamed about and took until it came to all this to get rid of them? How much have we NOT uncovered yet? They all seem to be hanging in there to be able to reach out for that 'golden pension'.

I am still hoping and praying that Carl Paladino survives and is voted in as our Governor. We need a breath of fresh air, someone who isn't connected to all of the other Buddie-buddies that all cover for each other. I will do for you, if you will do for me, and don't worry, we can just get it out of the TAXPAYERS!! Paladino is a Businessman, he will run the State as a Business and not a Pot of Gold for the Good Ol Boy network. The Taxpayers should not be an unending source of money to be dipped into over and over. Not only have they driven businesses out of the State, but more and more Citizens are going, and should I say the TAX paying Citizens. We have way too many people in this State on some kind or the other 'program' we are all paying for, they just flock to New York State for the freebies.

I fear if Andrew Cuomo gets in, it is just going to big one huge continuation of this free for all. He has never worked in the private sector, always handed a great paying job, hasn't had to work his way up from the bottom, born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth, so what does he know of struggle and what does he care? You have to keep the 'good ol boy' network running and he certainly can be your man to do it.

The Polls say he is as of today, double digits ahead. Just who ARE these people they poll? I have never been polled, nor have any of my friends or acquaintances been. I am voting for Paladino and those who 'will' tell me who they are voting for, state Paladino gets their vote. Let me tell you, I AM aware there are lots of people out there who would not tell you, that is where their vote is going, because they are afraid to say it. Whether it is their job that might be in jeapordy or some other connection that keeps them quiet, or just the fear of always wanting to say they supported the winner, they won't give it up ahead of time. So for all the voters in the dark I will be happy to share my vote for Paladino with you. Remember, no one knows who your vote is cast for. Get out, vote and vote for CHANGE. It can't get any worse than it is NOW! Give him a shot.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rededication of Lansingburgh Post Office

On Monday, Oct. 11, 2010 the Lansingburgh Post Office at 2-116th St. will be renamed in honor of Marty Mahar a lifelong resident of Troy, NY. Marty was a Letter Carrier for the US Post Office and my own Postman when my Hair shop was at 106th & Fifth. You could always hear him coming, by his Whistle. Marty was also a Councilman in Troy and our Mayor. Marty also served as Branch President of the local National Association of Letter Carriers.

A variety of speakers will be there for the dedication including:
Congressman Paul Tonko
Congressman Scott Murphy
Former Congressman Mike McNulty
State Senator Roy McDonald
Count Executive Kathy Jimino &
US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is tentatively scheduled to speak.

Emcee will be William Cook who is President of Branch 358 National Association of Letter Carriers. John Reilly the Senior Manager of Post Office Operation for the Postal Service's Albany District will speak for the Postal Service.

For those of you unfamilar with Marty's career he work ed as a Letter Carrier for almost 30 years, he retired in 1983. He was a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers, District President for six years, Local President Branch 416 eight years and State Officer Delegate at Large two years, Secretary two years and State Treasurer for 25 years. He was National Legislative Liaison Officer for 14 years and served as Trustee, Local Branch 358, a very busy man indeed!

Here in Troy Marty was a City Councilman for 12 yrs and served as Mayor of Troy from 1990-1991.

Also very involved in the community, Marty was a founding member of the Uncle Sam Parade Committee, Uncle Sam Monument Committee, the Troy Patriots Pop warner Football League and the Troy Flag Day Parade, member of the Board of Tibbitts Cadets and past Commander of the Trojan Post 469 VFW. He was a former National Sevice Officer and Past State Legislative Director for the Military Order of the Purple Heart in Albany.

The Ceremony will start at 10 AM. Traffic on the street in front of the Post Office will be restricted.

He would be honored to have you there to join his Family for this great occasion!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Motorcyle Death

It is horrifying to even think what went through the mind of the rider of the Motorcyle whom was killed Thursday night in Lansingburgh. Did he even realize there was a car entering the intersection, did he see it and try to stop or was he so absorbed in trying to make this machine go as fast as possible that he hit it and didn't even realize it. I heard this fellow zooming up and down Sixth Ave. Thursday night and it was so loud my first thought was he was going to kill someone. Then he was back again about 15 minutes later, going like a bat out of hell heading North, then, I thought he is going to kill himself! And he did, what a waste of life, leaving those who knew or loved him hurting more than he was. I don't even like writing a BLOG about something like this, but you just can't ignore it, it needs to be a lesson/story told. I don't know the man, I don't know if he had a Wife or a Family, how sad for them all if he did. I hope all of these other Rocket maniacs look at this long and hard and curb their needs to impress others with their skills as we have just witnessed this man had none. Nothing is scarier than when you are on a major highway and one of these clowns are zipping in and out of the lanes, scaring those who are driving when they come out of nowhere on these little racing cycles. May he rest in peace, I hope it wasn't as bad I think it was, I really don't even want to think about, but other cyclist should.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino has thrown his hat in for the struggle to be Governor of the State of New York. Right now he is running against Rick Lazio. I like the man, I like what I hear so far and it shouts out that he thinks using Common Sense,i nstead of what he thinks people want to hear to garner votes for him. I for one, and many many others know New York State needs a BIG change. Our State, our Country is in trouble. More and more each day we pick up the paper and read of more and more corruption and problems with our Politicians. We need, as simple as it sounds, to put more 'honest' people in our Government and stop the people from being elected that are just in it for the 'money', 'security' and personal power. We need someone who is going to do something for the PEOPLE and make the state great again. It has been a long long time, I don't think I will see it fixed in MY lifetime but perhaps for my children and Grandchildren should they decide to stay.

I know quite a few people that have already left New York State and a couple that have left the Country....sad.

I have a gut feeling this man can do the job. I like what I hear, he has his own money and is not in it for the money, he appears to be as sick as everyone else with what has been going on. He is a Businessman, Community Activist ( I really like that) and a Veteran. He was previously with the Democratic party, now a Republican since 2005. I myself for those who don't know am a Republican. I don't always vote along Party lines, I vote for who I feel is the best person to get the job done, I stand on my own two feet, I never did like someone telling me what to do. His religion doesn't make a difference to me but he is Roman Catholic, maybe he can straighten out the Church.

When he was younger he was also in the CCC, (Civilian Conservation Corps. ) I know of that period as my Father also participated in them in his younger years, it was hard work. He is looking to change our out of control Welfare System, thank God someone does, how did it ever get this way? This is NOT what it was intended for, Generations living solely on Welfare, we have free education in this Country and listings after listings in the paper for JOBS! As we all know some people just are NOT able to work and some people need temporary help and that is why it was created, not as a unending fund for those who know how to minipulate the system.

He wants to stem the Illegal Immigration (note:Illegal) we still need and want all and anyone to come to our Country who have a love of America and want to live and work here, but not the ones who don't want to do it the correct way or come here for Criminal activity.

I hear 'reform' when I listen to him speak. Others are out there beating him up, are they afraid of him, maybe.

Well we all get our chance in the voting booth, my vote will go to Carl Paladino, and your vote will go to your choice, THAT is America. I hope whomever we end up with can set New York straight and where it should be so we can afford to continue to live here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The following is a copy of a letter posted to "Pulse of the People" in our Troy Record regarding the Curfew; Please read and feel free to comment. I would like to hear your comments and also any experiences you have had or known others to have regarding this late night activity that is causing so many problems. Or any issue you have with what we have written. This is your Forum for thoughts and opinions.


We Deserve a Curfew

As I read the paper today and turned to the opinion column, I have to say I was more than dismayed over what I read. The column was written regarding the recent enforcement of the "Curfew Law" in Troy. In the June 10 edition of The Record, Jim Franco wrote his opinion on the same subject and I have to say I agree more with Jim Franco. Also previous to these two writings there was another story right after the weekend enforcement, of people that made statements stating that it was unconstitutional or a violation of the underage children's rights.
Thila Bell, Nina Glandz and myself have co-chaired the combined North Central/South Lansingburgh Neighborhood Assn. for over 12 years. The most common complaint we hear at the meetings is that people are out on the streets late at night disturbing residents sleep, vandalizing property, partying and other quality of life disturbances. We and our groups have been asking for years to put out occasional "details" to put an end to this. We have a new Chief with the Police Department, and he is listening to us, and started the enforcement. Now we have people who are not affected by these late night activities, who feel that they need to jump in and tell us "why" it isn't needed, or how it violates the constitutional rights of those who choose to thumb their noses at the law. Laws are put on the book to be obeyed. Why do certain factions think that they are there only to be ignored? Towns and cities put laws in to their ordinance to make life livable and keep the residents happy and safe. Chirldren under 18 years of age have no business being out that late. Why do they need to be on the streets at that hour and why are their parents allowing it?

The following are our thoughts:
-Parents are just as guilty for endangering their children's lives by not supervising them, so they should be punished with the child.
-If the Parent protests, they should be reported to Child Protection Services and let the government get involved as they are endangering their child.
-The Malls prohibit teens and younger from the malls without a parent accompanying them.
-Mr. Guynup would not have gotten injured if they were home with their parents. The Parents in this case should also be charged.
-Neither North Central nor the black youth are being targeted on this. Anyone out past the curfew is being targeted. North Central just seems to have the most kids roaming the streets at three and four in the morning and where 'would' it be enforced, where there aren't any problems?
-Lastly just whose 'rights' are being violated? The poor suffering people who are trying to get some sleep so they can work the next day and pay for the vandalism to their houses and cars, or the creepy noisy little vandals roaming the streets at night? Put that to the test. Our vote goes to 'our' rights. Where in the Consitutution does it say that kids under 18 have the "right" to go out and disturb people late at night and pillage others property?

Retirement Communities, and gated communities all have their laws for quality of living they have all agreed on and no one is challenging those. If you don't like the laws of your village, town, City or state, move. That would make most of us happy.
If you are not having these problems in your area, thank your lucky stars and enjoy your sleep. But we are, so please let the citizens, the Police and the Public officials in our area handle it the way the laws state, and keep your opinions to issues that affect you. We aren't trying to run your neighborhood, please don't try to run ours.
We have suffered in our area long enough and we would like more people to agree with our efforts of remediation and let us enjoy the same privileges others have in this city.
Please help us make this city a place to enjoy living and be able to hear people say, "hey, you know, I LIKE living in Troy."

Tina Urzan, Thila Bell and Nina Glandz

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How is Troy doing these days?

Well today dawns as a lovely Sunday in wonderful Troy, NY. Give or take some problems, it is our City and up to us to make it what it is or isn't.
I would like to hear from some of my fellow Citizens out there to let me know how their feelings are lately. Nothing is off limits. Speak of our upcoming Festival Season, or the bantering of over where the new City Hall should be, How Mayor Harry is doing, what you would like to see from our Home Town paper the Troy Record, how your Neighborhood is coming along, how the new Chief is doing, it is your Forum. This will give me a nice platform to write of what interests people, let me know what your issues are.

Have a great day!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chief Tedesco

Boy do I like the sound of that CHIEF TEDESCO! I know most of the Neighborhood heads are as happy as can be and I am leading that list, just jumping for JOY!

Why? The simple reason being of the history the groups of the City of Troy have had with John Tedesco when he was Captain of the Community Police. And why is he so popular? Because he has always done his job. I first met Chief Tedesco, years ago, while being involved in our South Lansingburgh group. We had been meeting for quite a while going over and over our problems of our ever changing neighborhood which was going downhill quickly. Let me preface this with, I had not previously had much success with the Police in Troy, I had some bad experiences when calling about problems, one being a young boy who I caught setting fire to my garage, others which involved others in our neighborhood when there was a local boy shooting out our windows with a BB gun. So the outlook on the Police helping us was 'not good'. Well we invited Tedesco to our meeting, he sat and listened and we talked. When some who don't like him call him "Mr. Personality" I have to laugh, because when you first meet him, he is ALL BUSINESS. He has what we call 'the puss' on, but he did listen and said 'this will be taken care of and this is what I can do for you", and let me tell you, it wasn't just Lip Service just to shut us up. He and his Officers went to work 'with' us. We developed a great relationship and he always stood by us. He was always just a phone call away, always RETURNED phone calls and emails, the attention was always there. My opinion of the Troy Police did a huge turn around. Though not a perfect force it is getting much better and will continue to do so and shine under his leadership.

The Downside was when he was promoted to Asst. Chief, we felt this would be a plus for us, but with this promotion his duties were taken away from him, things were not well in the Dept. another story for another time. We began the Merry Go Round of "Heads of Community Policing". It took a giant step backwards. There were times we weren't even notified there was a new Captain in charge. There were times when we would get a new Community Police Officer and not even know it as no one, the Dept. Head nor the Officer would contact us. Sometimes we LOST our Officer and didn't know it. It was in shambles, much like the Dept. is now. But NOT FOR LONG! Tedesco has great plans for the City and the Force. He is very organized and determined. The Officers badly need direction and they will receive it. There is some shuffleing going on now and we will be advised of more. Tedesco knows exactly what the Neighborhoods need and I for one am very happy. Let's give the Chief the support he needs to guide the Dept. in the most advantageous way for the Citizens of Troy.

Let's hear your comments and what you would like the Chief to do for the City and the Force. Let us not forget a great big HUGE THANK YOU to Mayor Harry Tutunjian for making the best selection of all. LONG LIVE THE CHIEF!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2010 Census

Have you filled out and sent in your 2010 Census? The forms went out last week and should have been in your mailbox by now. I received mine, filled it out as soon as it came and returned it. I didn't want to set it aside, thinking "I'll do it later" and then have it forgotten. It was very easy, 10 questions, all easy to understand and not personally invasive.

Some people may not understand the importance of filling this form out. It is not that the Government is being nosey, of which they frequently are accused us, but need this information to distribute our tax dollars to the areas that are in need. This information will tell them the numbers that are living in our Cities and the ages of people. Many of the Social Service dollars are distributed in this way, to the needy areas and other dollars for improvements such as infastructure. Troy is one City that fell below 50,000 in the last Census and we lost aid because of this. In reality I find it very hard to believe we were below 50,000, just take a look around you. Look at the large houses that have been broken down into multi-apartments, and many Census forms delivered to those houses are inadequate. Records may show it is a 2 or 3 Family house, when in reality, it may now be 5 to 6 apts in there, so the proper number of forms never arrive. Many of the apts are also severely overcrowed and they fear being evicted so they don't fill out the form or fill it out incorrectly understating the amount of people there. Thus, we show less than our City has and hence get less funding. I hope the Government also does a cross reference on the amount of Citizens in the area on Social Services, Unemployment, and Elementary and High School enrollments and compare that number with the numbers that come back in the Census forms, that would show whether or not there is an imbalance to our numbers as the forms are returned.

Also we have a number of illegals living in the City, obviously they are not going to fill out a form or the people that they are living with are not going to include them.

We need to have these forms filled out properly and returned so we can receive our fair share of our Tax dollars returned to us. I have heard some make statements such as "I am not giving them any of my personal information, they know too much already!" Folks, if you know of any of these people, please try to stress the importance of filling out the form. Most people don't realize that there are other benefits to the count besides just knowing how many people live in the Country, State and Cities.

If you need help with it, Call City Hall in Troy as our Mayor has set up various times and places for Trojans to go and ask questions and receive help filling out the form.
If there is anything I have missed or any comments you would like to add, please do so, this is a BLOG for the Community, and we all jump in to comment because, "That's the Way It Is"!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Stop the State, I want to get off!

What the heck is going on in New York State? I don’t even know how to actually start this piece. Has our Government gone crazy? Or is it crazy people that are in these positions? Over the past 2 years starting with Eliot Spitzer we have been entertained by the most embarrassing characters ever in State government and I guess it really ISN’T funny. We are paying for these people to represent us, and if we had to buy them, we would probably find them in a Garage Sale, picked over and tossed aside, only to be purchased at very low, cents on the dollar, price. We are the laughing stock of the Nation. I thought other states with the Governors having their affairs, and the “BLAGH’ in Chicago were Comedy show material, but we certainly hit the JACKPOT.

When I was a child and young adult, you thought of Congressmen, Senators and my God the Governor to be very revered men. Someone you had great respect for, and in some cases people you wanted to model yourselves after. But THIS BUNCH?? My God you just can’t make this stuff up, to tell the unwary of what was going on they would say, “go wan” you got to be kidding me! But no Folks, here it is, in Black and White right on the front page of our Newspapers, on our TV’s and all over the talk shows. What is it? It is the Governor Paterson show with all his Merry Thug men. I look at this ‘entourage’ he has surrounding him and all I can think of is rejected bouncers in Suits and wrinkled ones at that. What a joke they all are. Where did he find these prizes anyway? In the reject pile of the WWF?

Today came the news that he wasn’t going to seek re-election, did he even THINK he had a chance? Did ANYONE think that? Well I guess we can’t be entertained by that show anymore. What ever happened to intelligence in our State government? Maybe no one can spell the word so they don’t’ practice it. That is as good as reason as any I guess, considering the explanations and excuses we have been receiving to cover up all of these goings on. I will be so happy when the next election comes, if we have any money left to run one, just to get this brutal gang and tax-aholic make believe Governor OUT OF HERE!

When Commissioner Denise O’Donnell resigned I knew it was very serious and none of this was being fabricated. I met the Commissioner twice; both times she came to Troy when announcements of our continued funding for the IMPACT program were being made. I found her a very likeable person who took her job very seriously and was very surprised that she remembered me from the years before and asked how the area was doing, what our continued problems were and the value of the continued program. I thought to myself, this woman is putting a lot into her position and not just collecting a check or biding her time. If it is true she may be running for the next Attorney General, she would certainly have my vote. She certainly showed HER credibility by resigning. And she is doing the right thing distancing herself from this cover-up crowd. Lies, lies lies, right down the line, even the State Police involved in it all. Denise O’Donnell may even make a great candidate for a Governor at some point.

Do you think I am being too harsh? Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? Every morning you get up and say, now what? We are paying through the noses here in New York State, and this is what we get for our dollar? Plaeeeze…….save me! Maybe we could put them all on stage and sell tickets to their show and raise tax money that way……..but who would go?
We would make more money selling the Tomatoes out front to throw at them.

OK, so I haven’t been nice in this column, but geez, with the material we have here, what can you be? At least I am honest in my feelings.
I am just an everyday Citizen living under this umbrella of deceit with the rest of us and this is how I feel. I really don’t think I can write anymore as it is all very upsetting.

Add your comments. Was I being too hard? Too EASY?? What do YOU think and where do you think these hapless wannabes are going to land next? Those thoughts should be very entertaining. Can’t wait to read your opinions and comments.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

St. Patricks Church

One of my BLOG readers has asked me to comment on the closing of St. Patricks Church. Usually I stay away from Religious conversations as it always seems to raise the hair on some Folks backs as all our views are different so here I go on my Soapbox as requested!

Just for the record, I myself, was raised Roman Catholic. My Father was a Ukrainian Orthodox, but my Mom was a Roman Catholic so that is how myself and all my Siblings were raised. I started Kindergarten in the old St. Joseph's School with Sister Immaculata and mid-year after our Christmas recess, returned to the new school built on Fourth St. We moved in 1956 and I was enrolled in St. Jude's in Wynantskill until shortly after the death of my Mother in 1961 and then re-enrolled in Wynantskill School by my Step-Mother. So I do have a religious education and can comment with this being stated.

I feel the closing of St. Patricks is doing an absolute disservice to the people of North Central and the surrounding areas, as many Parishioners who have relocated still attend Mass there. I had the opportunity to speak with Bishop Hubbard last year and I was very direct in telling him how wrong this was for the Community and how he was going to realize this after the fact, and should reconsider. I told him I was sure that he was not aware of plans for some redevelopment of his area, especially along the river and that the volume of the people living here was going to increase and for the better. These Folks are all going to be looking for a Church and probably the most beautiful church in the City of Troy is going to be shuttered. I don't think I fazed Bishop Hubbard, I felt I was looking into empty eyes. I wondered if he was even hearing me. Bishop Hubbard was raised here in this area, St. Patricks was his school and Parish and he is not fighting one bit for that Church or Parish, SHAME on him! All the support he received through the years from his Parishoners and this is what he gives in return! Shame on him TWICE!!!!! I don't think he should be let into Heaven, St. Peter at the Pearly Gates should look HIM in the empty eyes and say "you did not do what we put you on earth for, and especially as a PRIEST & BISHOP"! You did not fulfill your duties. sorry you are not getting in. The Gates of Heaven should then be closed on him as he is closing the Gates to St. Patricks!

You would think that of all Churches, he would want to save the one of the neighborhood he grew up in, but sadly it seems not to be the case. In fact, that is my rub with the Catholic Church and why I don't attend Mass any longer. I do not feel that they care about their Community, the physical Church is there, the Priests are there but to go to them about a problem in your Family or your Community, they are not there for you, they will refer you to someone else or an agency. THAT is not what a Church is all about, it is about keeping the flock attended, checking on Parishioners who have fallen on hard times, people who are physically sick or those who are misguided.

So to the reader who asked my opinion, there is it, you got me on my Soapbox. For those who know me, they know I speak from the heart and truthfully, and never lie, I speak it as I see it and KNOW it, and if you don't like it, maybe you are the person I am speaking of or are maybe dishonest yourself. So I can't see and I haven't heard of anyone who is in favor of this Church closing. All of the donations made for over 100 years to this beautiful Church are now for naught. What the walls of this Church has witnessed over the years, the Baptisms, the Weddings, Funerals, Confessions, First Communions, Confirmations, prayers and many many people living and long passed on will fade into a non-existence. I hope Bishop Hubbard reads this,I hope he feels terrible after he does. Am I being rough on him? No rougher than he is being on the Parishioners that have supported him for years! Keep it open and get us a new Bishop! Bishop Hubbard is retiring soon, so he doesn't' care, he will be safe and sound, but what of his Flock? Don't bother looking for him in Heaven, he won't be there.