Friday, August 7, 2009

Has No Lesson Been Learned?

With the recent tragedy of a 5 year old who lost his life while crossing a busy street that has been very well written about, I have to wonder if any lesson has been learned?

2 days ago I observed a Mom sitting on her porch while her ‘about’ 2 year old rode her little “Big Wheel’ in the middle of Glen Ave. Glen Ave is not a high volume street but does get plenty of traffic. It is also a one-way street which has PLENTY of people who do not take notice of the fact it is, and zoom down the street the wrong way. If they don’t notice that sign, will they n notice a little girl in the middle of the street on her toy? This also shows the lack of responsibility of the Parent to teach the education of the respect of the street to the child? How is the child to know this street or ANY street can be dangerous, when she is allowed to do this?

This morning I observe 2 kids on a bike riding down the middle of Sixth Ave. a very busy street. One was standing on the protrusions of the back wheel while the other was steering with one hand while talking on his CELL PHONE with the other!! Geez…….I want to go CRAZY!!

Other problems are the parents putting the Pools out on the sidewalks and tons of kids playing on them and running around, another tragedy waiting to happen. The BBQ’s out on the sidewalk with hordes of people eating, dancing, music blasting and kids running around unsupervised. These homes ALL have backyards, big ones in this area; a child in a backyard is less likely to become a victim as our last little boy than one on the street.

We need to have common sense and if we don’t the blame is all our own. Our Police force on patrol should stop and tell the irresponsible people to take it to a safe place. Backyards and parks are there for these purposes.

Let’s hear from those who would like to add or comment on our problems.