Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston

    I really don't care for Sports, might watch a little Baseball, but when someone has it on TV I always make sure I watch the singing of the National Anthem. Some have made a mockery of it, others good, some OK. I can honestly say I have never heard anyone sing it as beautifully as Whitney Houston and none will ever be able to top her.Simple, plain and show stopping.

  We received the bad news this Saturday of her passing. Whitney in the last few years had some Demons within her she struggled with and they won. I hope she didn't know it. I hope she was relaxed and asleep when they came to get her and she left peacefully with her spirit.

    Her demons had been with her for years. Some are now saying they tried to help her, when she reached out, did they really? Or did they say, 'that is her problem to deal with'. How many of us have reached out for help and found out those closest to us have turned their back on us, close friends, Family, and then when the tragedy happens they are the first to say, I tried, I tried, what is that for, to cover the guilt? In any event, Whitney isn't suffering anymore.

   Now the craziness begins. All the wackos are coming out of the woodwork after her death. I watched footage of her body being returned to Newark to the Funeral home handling the service. People were screaming and laughing and hollering her name, just where do these people come from? Don't they have any class to offer up to the recently deceased? What are they thinking, that she can hear them, maybe invite them all in and be best Buds? This poor Woman has just passed and her Family is grieving and that isn't just a word if you have ever gone through it. It cuts right through your body and no amount of tears can make the hurt go away and it aches and aches. Her poor Family. And the crazies are making a Circus out of it.

   I am happy to hear the Family has decided to have a private Funeral in the Church she once sang in, by invitation only, but can you imagine the mob outside, that is going to cut into the solemn service and they probably won't be able to hear themselves cry. I thought the earlier talks of having it at the Newark Prudential Center were just ridiculous. The poor Family, there for the lines of gawkers, who didn't know her possibly only to have something to talk about later.

   Even the final disposition will be a problem. If she is buried in a Public spot, I can just imagine what will go on there, perhaps better to Cremate and take her home. I can honestly say, I am very glad I am not famous and when my day comes it will be normal. My prayers are with her and her Family, she will lead the Choir in Heaven with that beautiful voice!

This is just my opinion and That's the Way It Is...........What about yours?