Friday, February 26, 2010

Stop the State, I want to get off!

What the heck is going on in New York State? I don’t even know how to actually start this piece. Has our Government gone crazy? Or is it crazy people that are in these positions? Over the past 2 years starting with Eliot Spitzer we have been entertained by the most embarrassing characters ever in State government and I guess it really ISN’T funny. We are paying for these people to represent us, and if we had to buy them, we would probably find them in a Garage Sale, picked over and tossed aside, only to be purchased at very low, cents on the dollar, price. We are the laughing stock of the Nation. I thought other states with the Governors having their affairs, and the “BLAGH’ in Chicago were Comedy show material, but we certainly hit the JACKPOT.

When I was a child and young adult, you thought of Congressmen, Senators and my God the Governor to be very revered men. Someone you had great respect for, and in some cases people you wanted to model yourselves after. But THIS BUNCH?? My God you just can’t make this stuff up, to tell the unwary of what was going on they would say, “go wan” you got to be kidding me! But no Folks, here it is, in Black and White right on the front page of our Newspapers, on our TV’s and all over the talk shows. What is it? It is the Governor Paterson show with all his Merry Thug men. I look at this ‘entourage’ he has surrounding him and all I can think of is rejected bouncers in Suits and wrinkled ones at that. What a joke they all are. Where did he find these prizes anyway? In the reject pile of the WWF?

Today came the news that he wasn’t going to seek re-election, did he even THINK he had a chance? Did ANYONE think that? Well I guess we can’t be entertained by that show anymore. What ever happened to intelligence in our State government? Maybe no one can spell the word so they don’t’ practice it. That is as good as reason as any I guess, considering the explanations and excuses we have been receiving to cover up all of these goings on. I will be so happy when the next election comes, if we have any money left to run one, just to get this brutal gang and tax-aholic make believe Governor OUT OF HERE!

When Commissioner Denise O’Donnell resigned I knew it was very serious and none of this was being fabricated. I met the Commissioner twice; both times she came to Troy when announcements of our continued funding for the IMPACT program were being made. I found her a very likeable person who took her job very seriously and was very surprised that she remembered me from the years before and asked how the area was doing, what our continued problems were and the value of the continued program. I thought to myself, this woman is putting a lot into her position and not just collecting a check or biding her time. If it is true she may be running for the next Attorney General, she would certainly have my vote. She certainly showed HER credibility by resigning. And she is doing the right thing distancing herself from this cover-up crowd. Lies, lies lies, right down the line, even the State Police involved in it all. Denise O’Donnell may even make a great candidate for a Governor at some point.

Do you think I am being too harsh? Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? Every morning you get up and say, now what? We are paying through the noses here in New York State, and this is what we get for our dollar? Plaeeeze…….save me! Maybe we could put them all on stage and sell tickets to their show and raise tax money that way……..but who would go?
We would make more money selling the Tomatoes out front to throw at them.

OK, so I haven’t been nice in this column, but geez, with the material we have here, what can you be? At least I am honest in my feelings.
I am just an everyday Citizen living under this umbrella of deceit with the rest of us and this is how I feel. I really don’t think I can write anymore as it is all very upsetting.

Add your comments. Was I being too hard? Too EASY?? What do YOU think and where do you think these hapless wannabes are going to land next? Those thoughts should be very entertaining. Can’t wait to read your opinions and comments.


  1. Tina: I'm surprised that you can't believe those in Albany acting as they are. I can't help but keep hearing Sen. Skelos when he lost his leadership position. He told everyone that within months those new leaders would crumble down upon themselves. Now his words are coming true. Good leadership surrounds themselves with good people, not thugs from the neighborhood they came from.

    Now we have to see the empty head in charge of our NYS Police resign his position.

    Andrew may run on the Democratic ticket...but maybe we need to really shake up our statehouse...lets put a Republican in charge !!!!!

  2. Tina, you are thoroughly out of your mind. I think you are just a bitter old woman. I respect what you do for Troy, but you are starting to sound just plain nuts. Stop ranting and raving and acting as if you always know best.

  3. Anonymous, I am very happy to hear opinions and that is what BLOGGING is for. But can you or anyone else be happy with the taxes we are paying in NYS and all the very Unprofessional people in our Government we have been saddled with lately? If no one complains or "rant and raves" it will go on and on and on. Get your face out there and make a change! I am not 'bitter' just fed up! I dont' always know what is best but try to get the issues out there and rouse the people who tend to sit on their Butts and let everyone else do the work,then show up for the Fruits of others labors...I wish I always did know what was best, it would have made life a lot easier for myself and others, but I at lease try. If it weren't for the Community activists in Troy many many good things for Troy would have never happened nor WILL they if they don't continue their hard work. May I remind you, these Leaders and Activists do not receive a penny in compensation for their hard work. They spend their hours after work, improving their community instead of in front of the TV, ALSO many of those hours could be spent with their Families or homes, but they believe the end product will improve their and EVERYONE'S quality of life. New York State needs to stop the Citizens from leaving this State and give them a reason to stay. Come on,let's hear from the rest of you!

  4. Tina, keep up the good work! Keep telling it like it is - way too many people censor themselves. No one knows what it's like to live in North Central unless they have done so themselves, and,yes, our State government is experiencing a leadership gap with the loss for various reasons of Bruno, Spitzer, etc., so we are seeing our a broken gov't. As you may know, I don't think a Republican can fix it, and I no longer wish to experience the culture wars. How about a rant and a shout out about the Senator holding the nation's unemployment hostage for his silly agenda...???

  5. tina is not old

  6. denallen@yahoo.comMarch 3, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    You are correct Tina in your representation of many NYS Legislators as misfit for their jobs. You are righteous in your anger and indignation with their behavior.
    I don't see Cuomo Jr. as the answer to State problems. After all, as Attorney General he failed to find any reason to prosecute Alan Hevesi, Spitzer Swallows or Gov. Patterson.
    Cuomo Jr.'s failure as HUD chairman was so bad that HUD fraud was featured jokingly on a Sopranos episode.

    Thank you for your insight Tina and your well written opinions.

  7. While I agree with the general philosophy of Anonymous, let me add some thoughts on Skelos. He was more than happy to get into bed with two of the biggest crooks in Senate history, Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada. As long NY City continues to send us illiterate morons like the aforementioned buffoons, Eric Adams, Liz Kruger, Shelly Silver,, we can expect the raid on our pocketbooks to continue. Of course, the state-approved media, such as the Record, will gladly tell us how lucky we are to have such "wonderful" representation.

  8. the gov should be taken to court for mis managment of state funds, he gives out $200 gift cards with no restrictions and then says the state has no money and is now going to penelize the state workers.