Friday, November 30, 2012

Troy City Council

     Well last night was the Full Moon and let me tell you the Lunatics were out mainly at the Finance Committee meeting. I was so very sorry I couldn't make it as I usually do, because I had a lot I wanted to say, but I guess that was good for the lunatics. I will say it here, then they will have the opportunity to read it over and over, in case they can't believe what they did.

    First of all they should be completely ashamed of themselves, I voted for a couple of them, out and out supported Lynn Kopka, and now "I" am ashamed I did both of those things.

     Second, this is a big waste of Taxpayers money when Troy is in such sad shape financially. $30,000, for a part time 20 hr. position plus benefits. I think you Council Folks should pay that out of your pockets, please don't spend my money on such crap. We do not need a Commissioner to oversee the Chief and 1 Asst. Chief and one Deputy Chief, I think there is already plenty being spent there in salaries and tons of knowledge and experience, what on earth is a Commissioner going to do besides appease Bob Fitzgerald? He isn't even a Taxpayer. We all know what is behind this, pure politics and sour grapes. For those of you spreading around the word the Chief was appointed in the dead of night behind closed doors, I guess you don't know AM from PM and Mayor Tutunjian waited months before he made a decision on who he chose and he made it based on who he thought could rectify the problems in the Police Dept., mainly the runaway overtime and other internal problems which were quite serious. Seeing the previous Chief suddenly retire should make any ones ears perk up. Neither Tedesco or Tutunjian made him do that, and that left the position open.

     My thoughts are that the person the Mayor is going to appoint is Tony Magnetto, someone I personally like. But I care very little for sour grapes, he left the dept, and should stay there. He and Tedesco were great friends, started on the force the same day, rode together as partners for years, what happened here Tony? Should he be appointed to the position, no. No one should obviously be appointed to this and should he and he accept it I am sure he is going to regret it, this City is messed up, Politics have ruined it. Mayor Rosamilia states he is going to take a while and find the absolute best candidate for the position, do I believe that? No. The Council will push him around like they already have and tell them who they want and who could he find that is an 'excellent' candidate for $30,000 and a 20 hr part time position in a City with a Council partly comprised of inexperienced people, who try to run a Police Dept with experience in Policing that they don't have? He would have to be a nut too.Maybe Bob Fitzgerald will quit his Patrolman's position and then apply. We will have to run for cover as taxes will go sky high and there will so many Officers doing other things than patrolling crime will really go crazy.

     The main problem with Tedesco being appointed was he has no skeletons in closet that Fitzie can pressure him with revealing, if he doesn't get his way, so he has to resort to suing the City (umm you and me)and telling lies to newly appointed Council members who eagerly eat it up and run out and do stupid things without any proof or experience and think they are doing good. If they were so concerned with Public Safety and knew what they were doing, why was Kevin McGrath a convicted Felon appointed to the Public Safety Committee? I think that has to fall to, I am very sad to say, my former good friend Lynn Kopka. Also Tedesco bent over backwards for Lynn for years like he did for all of us heads of Neighborhood Assn leaders. Thank you Lynn.. I am sure he would like to say that but I will say it for him. Nina Nichols, I don't recall her being involved in any City Committees regarding Public Safety previous to her run for Council, so where is her background in the Police Dept.? None of them can disagree with anything of what is being written here. After they all fail to be re-elected next term they will leave behind a never ending stream of conversation of 'remember them'? Whew glad they are gone! Am I angry? No just confused on how we end up with such irresponsible people doing such brainless deeds and they get PAID for it with YOUR money! Something is "screwie" here and that may be the key word.

     I know very few of the new cops on the force now, and there are a lot, I use to know 80% of them. I can't conceive of how they can work under these circumstances, all created by their PBA head, I think those that support their Chief should speak up and tell him so, some are so new on the force they really know nothing of previous problems and probably really don't want to. Some probably want to run for shelter.

     Well here we are at the end and as always, I leave my opinion as "That's the Way it Is", and more people should, and more should speak up and maybe we could stop hiding all the crap that goes on in Troy and make it a nice City to live in. Write the Pulse of the People in the Record and spit it out.

      My opinion is the Chief should run for Mayor next election, he would win hands down unless, of course, there is the ultimate Democrat  regime that will cover the city to make sure we stay king of VOTER FRAUD! Our crowning glory.........

My second opinion is that they should completely dissolve the Police Dept., privatize it, hire back the cops that WANT to be cops and not just come here and punch in everyday and can't wait to get the hell out and of course NO UNION. Then the Citizens of Troy can feel like those Policing us want to be here and care for our safety and well being.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Murders, Fights and Fires!

     Well things aren't getting any better in North Central, matter of fact, they aren't getting any better in Troy in general. We are on a downside and it feels as though someone used wax paper on it. We have had vindictive people setting homes on fire, people wild in the streets where the whole dam Police Dept. had to come out to contain them, then the girls fighting in the street, the next night the guys fighting in the street and now yesterday a murder in the stairwell of the Taylor Apt. High rise.Though the murder scene is well removed from North Central it is still a Hugh concern.

     What is causing all this? What is making people lose control and just how long can we live like this? Not too much longer if you talk to people who live in North Central or anywhere in Troy for that matter. In a city with taxes higher than the Empire State Building it is just disgusting and I personally am dam disgusted! Who the heck is in control here anyway??? It doesn't appear to be anyone at the moment and we better well do something about it now!

     People are screaming for the return of the Street Crime Unit, which did a heck  plan
 a job of squelching the last flare up but our Mayor apparently doesn't see the value of it. Lou Rosamilia is a very nice man, but to repeat the phrase of "nice guys finish last" is NOT where we want to be .Mayor Lou's last involvement in Troy had nothing to do with problems of this sort and in situations like this those who have been there before and for years should take the control and let the History of what stopped the problem repeat itself, no time for "trying something new". The
P E A C E plan has not worked, no one has seen any Officers walking the streets. Why? I'll tell you why, they are too dam busy running around the City answering calls like crazy. If you listen to the Scanner, you will end up in a Panic Attack over all of the fights and violence they are responding too, so how the hell can they walk the streets!

     Chief Tedesco has been on the Police force for 36 years......yes Folks 36 years AND he has a Master's Degree in Business Administration, so he is no "bumbling idiot". So why would anyone who has not served one day on the Police force feel they know more than him, and feel they can tell him what to do? And believe me there are a variety of people trying to do so, and then it makes it look like he is the fool. Let me tell you he is not and neither are the Citizens of Troy. Nina Nichols won her bid for City Council and then was named head of the Public Safety Committee. She won on the popularity vote, but unfortunately has no prior experience in the problems in the City of Troy. Nina has someone filling her head with garbage and directing her to spend her time attacking the Chief. If you attended the last Public Safety meeting, you would have thought you were someplace else as it had nothing to do with Public Safety! It was one pretty nasty attack after another on the Chief, which had nothing to do with the safety of the Citizens of Troy. Now who do you think set her up for that and wrote her scripts? I will leave that for the"Comment Gallery" and I am sure that very person will be the first to comment......of course Anonymously!

Let's get back to the business of protecting Troy and it's Taxpayers, I am sure all of these people causing the problems are NOT paying taxes, matter of fact don't even live in the City of Troy, and as for the murder on Canal Street aren't even Citizens! We are not made of money and cannot afford a penny more in taxes, so let's maximize what we have and let's stop the Comedy Show and cheap entertainment as I for one do not think any of it is very funny. The History of what you all say and do is going to follow you for a long time after you are out of office, and right now it is pretty negative.

     A lot of the problem with the uncontrollable people is a combination of the Drug Trade and abusing Social Services. I will go into that next BLOG as right now I need to cool off a little. And let me tell you there are a lot of people out there as burned up or more than I am and you all need to take notice of that, before the 'normal' people get out of control and there are a lot of angry people out there trying to control their tempers.

This is definitely THE WAY IT IS!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston

    I really don't care for Sports, might watch a little Baseball, but when someone has it on TV I always make sure I watch the singing of the National Anthem. Some have made a mockery of it, others good, some OK. I can honestly say I have never heard anyone sing it as beautifully as Whitney Houston and none will ever be able to top her.Simple, plain and show stopping.

  We received the bad news this Saturday of her passing. Whitney in the last few years had some Demons within her she struggled with and they won. I hope she didn't know it. I hope she was relaxed and asleep when they came to get her and she left peacefully with her spirit.

    Her demons had been with her for years. Some are now saying they tried to help her, when she reached out, did they really? Or did they say, 'that is her problem to deal with'. How many of us have reached out for help and found out those closest to us have turned their back on us, close friends, Family, and then when the tragedy happens they are the first to say, I tried, I tried, what is that for, to cover the guilt? In any event, Whitney isn't suffering anymore.

   Now the craziness begins. All the wackos are coming out of the woodwork after her death. I watched footage of her body being returned to Newark to the Funeral home handling the service. People were screaming and laughing and hollering her name, just where do these people come from? Don't they have any class to offer up to the recently deceased? What are they thinking, that she can hear them, maybe invite them all in and be best Buds? This poor Woman has just passed and her Family is grieving and that isn't just a word if you have ever gone through it. It cuts right through your body and no amount of tears can make the hurt go away and it aches and aches. Her poor Family. And the crazies are making a Circus out of it.

   I am happy to hear the Family has decided to have a private Funeral in the Church she once sang in, by invitation only, but can you imagine the mob outside, that is going to cut into the solemn service and they probably won't be able to hear themselves cry. I thought the earlier talks of having it at the Newark Prudential Center were just ridiculous. The poor Family, there for the lines of gawkers, who didn't know her possibly only to have something to talk about later.

   Even the final disposition will be a problem. If she is buried in a Public spot, I can just imagine what will go on there, perhaps better to Cremate and take her home. I can honestly say, I am very glad I am not famous and when my day comes it will be normal. My prayers are with her and her Family, she will lead the Choir in Heaven with that beautiful voice!

This is just my opinion and That's the Way It Is...........What about yours?