Sunday, March 6, 2011

St. Patricks Church Revisited

Well yesterday, Saturday, Mar. 5, 2011, some of the neighborhood Folks gathered on a cold windy day to watch the beautiful artifacts be carried out of St. Patricks's Church on Sixth Ave. It was like attending a funeral, standing outside waiting for the Casket and your deceased loved one inside, come out. Inside of going into a waiting Hearse, these Statues and other other wonderful items, bought and paid for by the Parishoners were being slid into a dirty old BUDGET RENTAL TRUCK! How depressing it was to observe this, very slow process. Outside on the top step stood a Chubby man with long curly hair, speaking on the phone with someone, when he hung up he said 'ok, goodbye Father', goodbye is right. Goodbye to the church, goodbye to your faith, and goodbye to the future.

When asked questions, we ignored us. When asked if we could go inside, he said 'no'. When asked who he was and I took a picture of him and a picture of the inside of the church through the door, he closed and locked them. Everyone, read this carefully, this is your Roman Catholic Church, the Church you grew up in and supposedly who taught you to have faith, be honest, slamming the door in your face! I for one, will never set foot in a Catholic Church again to attend Mass. The only time they 'might' see me is to attend a Funeral. And believe me when I die, MY services won't be in a CHURCH, if anyone drags my Casket in one, listen carefully, as you will hear me scratching to get out. The miracle will begin, I will push the lid off and you will hear my big mouth all over again and I will be, hollaring at everyone, 'what the hell is the matter with you??" OUT OF HERE! EVERYONE, what did you do..FORGET?? Bishop Hubbard, we will never forget, ever, you better leave town too. But not by way of a Church as you will have closed them all, what a Saint you are. I just can't wait to see, when we all die, where you end up.

Is this harsh? You BET it is! Is this warranted? You BET it is! Shame, shame, shame on him. He can put this on no one else but himself, His Church, his neighborhood, his disgrace. Not once did he come out to talk with the Parishoners who were begging to leave this church open. Nope, Bishop Coward, just hid in his little fort and sent his Henchman out to do his dirty work.

Catholics, where ever your church is still open, if you still attend Mass, when they pass around the basket, inside of putting your hard earned money in it, put in a slip of paper, not a I O U, but a U owe US! And then leave...forever!