Friday, October 8, 2010

Motorcyle Death

It is horrifying to even think what went through the mind of the rider of the Motorcyle whom was killed Thursday night in Lansingburgh. Did he even realize there was a car entering the intersection, did he see it and try to stop or was he so absorbed in trying to make this machine go as fast as possible that he hit it and didn't even realize it. I heard this fellow zooming up and down Sixth Ave. Thursday night and it was so loud my first thought was he was going to kill someone. Then he was back again about 15 minutes later, going like a bat out of hell heading North, then, I thought he is going to kill himself! And he did, what a waste of life, leaving those who knew or loved him hurting more than he was. I don't even like writing a BLOG about something like this, but you just can't ignore it, it needs to be a lesson/story told. I don't know the man, I don't know if he had a Wife or a Family, how sad for them all if he did. I hope all of these other Rocket maniacs look at this long and hard and curb their needs to impress others with their skills as we have just witnessed this man had none. Nothing is scarier than when you are on a major highway and one of these clowns are zipping in and out of the lanes, scaring those who are driving when they come out of nowhere on these little racing cycles. May he rest in peace, I hope it wasn't as bad I think it was, I really don't even want to think about, but other cyclist should.

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