Sunday, November 21, 2010

Airport Anger

I feel I have to present my opinion on the latest outrage that the public here in the U.S. is venting. I have flown quite a few times and have been inconvenienced and one time almost missed a flight because of the very lenghty lines of Citizens being checked at the Airport in a various amount of ways, BUT, I feel that they have gone 'way too far' in the latest manner. Some folks are objecting to the latest scanner that is visually invasive, showing what they feel is a little too much of your anatomy under your clothes. Government Officials state that no one other than the person on one side of the scanner can see your outlined body and one other in another location, but it has already been reported that these pictures have somehow been viewed by hackers into this system. They may not know who you are but certainly can see your body. Others, and this is the one that the public is upset about and really gets my craw is the physical touching and grasping of your body in very personal areas! This is TOTALLY unnecessary! You could feel something someone is concealing under their clothes without the groping that is being done. One woman, this morning it was reported on the News was made to remove her Prosthesis Breast in public. I believe it was a Flight Attendant per the news report. PLEASE, not only should this NOT have been requested but it should have been done in private. And just WHO are these people that are tasked with touching your body in these ways? Can I do the same to them and will that make it 'even'?? I would refuse this portion of my employment were I a TSA employee in protest of the violation of the rights of others. And where ARE OUR RIGHTS?? If enough would do this, this situation may be viewed in the reality that it is, Molestation. If I were to be in a Bar and touch someone in one of the areas of the body these TSA workers are doing I would be arrested for that, and now maybe this may be a platform of defense that molesters may use, stating, what is the difference between 'this' and 'that'?

I was watching an interview on TV, while cleaning yesterday, , of a person speaking with a Head of Security I believe in France. He was stating that yes indeed we have taken it too far and it is entirely unnecessary.France is having the same security problems we are having. He states the U.S. is too concerned with being Politically Correct than using common sense. We state, "oh, we can't profile people' in order to decipher who may or may not be a threat. "Someone" might complain, WE ALL ARE COMPLAINING!!! WHO isn't getting that?? For example he stated we have no common sense and he referenced the 'Shoe Bomber'. He relayed to the Interviewer, that he not only 'looked' the part but he had a One-way ticket and arrived at the Airport without any luggage, someone who should have been quickly culled from the crowd. Instead we spend and waste time going overboard on elderly Senior Citizens or little girls holding a Teddy Bear, or Parents traveling very tired with children. Oh yes to be sarcastic I am SURE they would be the type to blow up a Plane on their way to Disney World.

Here are a few examples of nonsense, one I viewed and the other 2 happened to me. Also how long do you think it is going to take people to stop flying in protest or Tourist coming to America.

First while waiting in line, I was behind a Gentleman who was most likely in his mid 80's, traveling alone and the TSA employee had him dump his little carry on on a table for her to go through, she was young and very rude to him. He was quiet and she picked up his rolled up tube of Toothpaste and threw it aside and told him to get rid of it. He stated there was hardly anything still in it and he thought he could bring under 4 ounces or whatever the stated amount on board. She said to him "well it held 12 ounces at one time" so she tossed it. He told her he could not go through the scanner due to having a Pacemaker in his chest and pulled out a card that people in this position must carry. She then threw the rest of his things back in his carry on and had another Female TSA worker come over to hand wand him. I was so embarrassed for him just watching what went on after this and the way she made him spread his legs and went up between them with his hands behind his head. This was BEFORE all this other nonsense started and I don't think most people under arrest go through what he did.

Second, while personally returning from Mexico I was separated from the crowd for a more 'thorough' search, just me, the rest of my Family continued through the line. I had a sack Sundress on and Sandals. I had gotten a very bad sunburn on my feet while on vacation and my feet were very swollen and blistered in spots. I was wanded and then told to take these rubber sandal's off. I could not, my feet were so swollen that the skin had swelled over the strap on top and also the little buckle could not be gotten at. I asked that they be left on as I would not be able to get them back on IF I could get them off. The TSA Employee insisted and said I was going nowhere until I did, my Family was now through the line and in another part of the Security area. Another TSA employee came over and asked the other girl, why she was making me do this as you could clearly see the medical problem and that she was sure I wasn't hiding anything in my open sandals. Employee #1 stated because she wanted too. Nice. Eventually I struggled to get them off, couldn't get them back on and then continued through, almost missing the flight.

#3 While at Atlanta Airport, getting ready to go through the walk through scanner, we were in line and the attendant was shouting to put everything on the conveyor belt, Shoes, Jackets, Luggage, EVERYTHING! So I placed those things as well as my Computer and Purse on the belt and got in line. I was holding the folder AAA gives you for your Passport and so on in my hand, she sees it and hollers I said EVERYTHING on the belt, so I toss it over. My turn comes for the walk through and she says, where is your Ticket? I told her on the conveyor belt, so she pushes me aside and said you weren't supposed to put THAT on there. She then proceeds to take the rest of the people through. So.. in the meantime my Purse with my travel funds and my Computer have passed through and laying at the end of the counter that they come out of the Scanner. Would you be worried? I was, all those people just grabbing things and taking off to unknown parts of the Airport, in Atlanta no less, and I said to the attendant, I need to get my Purse and things, they are unattended and she said when "I get to you, I will get to you". Who has made these people God? As well as being rude, now they get to feel your body in very very personal spots.

What I want to see is our President and his Family and our Senators and what other Gods that have pushed this upon us, have these groping maneuvers done and filmed and presented to us on TV, exactly the way they are doing it to us, maybe then some folks will be happy but I still won't.

Revolt America, this has gone t-o-o-o far.