Friday, May 22, 2009

Troy Police Awards Ceremony

Troy Police Awards Ceremony

Yesterday, the Troy Police Dept. held its annual awards ceremony at the Franklin Plaza in Troy. The Chiefs honored and praised a number of its fine Officers ranging from investigation to heroic acts while on duty. The Neigborhood Assns. and other Committees in the City work closely with the Police Dept. and many of these officers, some we know, some we don't. But there are many residents in our Community who do NOT know their Police force, some by name in the paper others only by face. I have always felt that the Community and Taxpayers should be included in this Award Ceremony, to witness, and offer our congratulations and to be able to SEE and meet those honored, who serve our neighborhoods. My question is: if there were a small fee charged to cover the cost of the meal at the venue where the ceremony is held, would you attend? Right now there is no avenue for the general public to attend because......THAT'S THE WAY IT IS!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Where has all the Respect gone?

We all know that living in a City can be hard, and particularly hard when the weather is warmer. But in the last few years we have noticed more and more that in general the Human Race has less respect for each other than I can ever remember. When I was a Child, we were taught to say "Please" and "Thank You" and to respect our elders, and so on, but nowadays, that has all gone out the window.

Issues we have living in the City are particularly rough. Kids, some Teens, many younger and a LOT older are just out of control. Sometimes their Parents are more out of control than the kids. For instance, I think there is a huge portion of the residents of the City of Troy, that don't know what a Sidewalk is, they walk right in the middle of the road and they don't get out of the way for anyone. If you happen to give a little beep to remind them you are trying to get through, they will either walk much slower or turn around and bang on your car. No Respect.

Also, no one seems to think that folks 'sleep' anymore. They are hanging around outside your house, sitting on your steps and under your windows making all kinds of noise to all hours of the night.Sometimes drinking their Beverages out of their Brown paper bags Notice I said hanging outside YOUR house, what is wrong with THEIRS?? Obviously they aren't aware of the fact you need your sleep as you have to get up in the morning to work. Must be they don't do that.No Respect.

Ah, and now let's also go to the Convenience store and buy something, then eat it on the way home and throw the papers on YOUR property, sometime even when there is a waste receptacle right close by, such as at the Bus stop, just throw it on the ground, I guess that is easier.Or smashing their bottles on the Sidewalks or into the street so folks can get a flat tire. No respect.

This is my first BLOG..Let me hear from you with your thoughts on where all the respect has gone and what you think we should do with these people, and experiences YOU have had with NO RESPECT! Let's let them know what WE think..........................why? ..Because THAT'S THE WAY IT IS!!!

Welcome to THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!

My name is Tina Urzan. I was born and raised in beautiful Troy, NY and will be contributing to the RECORD’s Blog section of the online News. We live in a City flowing with past History, Wealth and Architecture and have a beautiful future ahead of us. One of the greatest Treasures Troy has, is its people. We are a melting pot all on our own and I am hoping to hear from everyone. Groups here in Troy share the passion to bring back and keep the great Town we once had. We are happy, we are sad and we can get angry! A person with a voice is one who cares and I want to hear your responses!

We will be chatting about Local, State and National issues. Discussing what is happening on your block. What problems you are having, how to solve them. Who is good for Troy, who is standing in our way, raise some rabble if we need to and praise the people and their deeds on our road here. In other words I want to hear everyone’s 2 Cents worth and more………….because THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!!