Monday, September 13, 2010

Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino has thrown his hat in for the struggle to be Governor of the State of New York. Right now he is running against Rick Lazio. I like the man, I like what I hear so far and it shouts out that he thinks using Common Sense,i nstead of what he thinks people want to hear to garner votes for him. I for one, and many many others know New York State needs a BIG change. Our State, our Country is in trouble. More and more each day we pick up the paper and read of more and more corruption and problems with our Politicians. We need, as simple as it sounds, to put more 'honest' people in our Government and stop the people from being elected that are just in it for the 'money', 'security' and personal power. We need someone who is going to do something for the PEOPLE and make the state great again. It has been a long long time, I don't think I will see it fixed in MY lifetime but perhaps for my children and Grandchildren should they decide to stay.

I know quite a few people that have already left New York State and a couple that have left the Country....sad.

I have a gut feeling this man can do the job. I like what I hear, he has his own money and is not in it for the money, he appears to be as sick as everyone else with what has been going on. He is a Businessman, Community Activist ( I really like that) and a Veteran. He was previously with the Democratic party, now a Republican since 2005. I myself for those who don't know am a Republican. I don't always vote along Party lines, I vote for who I feel is the best person to get the job done, I stand on my own two feet, I never did like someone telling me what to do. His religion doesn't make a difference to me but he is Roman Catholic, maybe he can straighten out the Church.

When he was younger he was also in the CCC, (Civilian Conservation Corps. ) I know of that period as my Father also participated in them in his younger years, it was hard work. He is looking to change our out of control Welfare System, thank God someone does, how did it ever get this way? This is NOT what it was intended for, Generations living solely on Welfare, we have free education in this Country and listings after listings in the paper for JOBS! As we all know some people just are NOT able to work and some people need temporary help and that is why it was created, not as a unending fund for those who know how to minipulate the system.

He wants to stem the Illegal Immigration (note:Illegal) we still need and want all and anyone to come to our Country who have a love of America and want to live and work here, but not the ones who don't want to do it the correct way or come here for Criminal activity.

I hear 'reform' when I listen to him speak. Others are out there beating him up, are they afraid of him, maybe.

Well we all get our chance in the voting booth, my vote will go to Carl Paladino, and your vote will go to your choice, THAT is America. I hope whomever we end up with can set New York straight and where it should be so we can afford to continue to live here.