Thursday, June 17, 2010


The following is a copy of a letter posted to "Pulse of the People" in our Troy Record regarding the Curfew; Please read and feel free to comment. I would like to hear your comments and also any experiences you have had or known others to have regarding this late night activity that is causing so many problems. Or any issue you have with what we have written. This is your Forum for thoughts and opinions.


We Deserve a Curfew

As I read the paper today and turned to the opinion column, I have to say I was more than dismayed over what I read. The column was written regarding the recent enforcement of the "Curfew Law" in Troy. In the June 10 edition of The Record, Jim Franco wrote his opinion on the same subject and I have to say I agree more with Jim Franco. Also previous to these two writings there was another story right after the weekend enforcement, of people that made statements stating that it was unconstitutional or a violation of the underage children's rights.
Thila Bell, Nina Glandz and myself have co-chaired the combined North Central/South Lansingburgh Neighborhood Assn. for over 12 years. The most common complaint we hear at the meetings is that people are out on the streets late at night disturbing residents sleep, vandalizing property, partying and other quality of life disturbances. We and our groups have been asking for years to put out occasional "details" to put an end to this. We have a new Chief with the Police Department, and he is listening to us, and started the enforcement. Now we have people who are not affected by these late night activities, who feel that they need to jump in and tell us "why" it isn't needed, or how it violates the constitutional rights of those who choose to thumb their noses at the law. Laws are put on the book to be obeyed. Why do certain factions think that they are there only to be ignored? Towns and cities put laws in to their ordinance to make life livable and keep the residents happy and safe. Chirldren under 18 years of age have no business being out that late. Why do they need to be on the streets at that hour and why are their parents allowing it?

The following are our thoughts:
-Parents are just as guilty for endangering their children's lives by not supervising them, so they should be punished with the child.
-If the Parent protests, they should be reported to Child Protection Services and let the government get involved as they are endangering their child.
-The Malls prohibit teens and younger from the malls without a parent accompanying them.
-Mr. Guynup would not have gotten injured if they were home with their parents. The Parents in this case should also be charged.
-Neither North Central nor the black youth are being targeted on this. Anyone out past the curfew is being targeted. North Central just seems to have the most kids roaming the streets at three and four in the morning and where 'would' it be enforced, where there aren't any problems?
-Lastly just whose 'rights' are being violated? The poor suffering people who are trying to get some sleep so they can work the next day and pay for the vandalism to their houses and cars, or the creepy noisy little vandals roaming the streets at night? Put that to the test. Our vote goes to 'our' rights. Where in the Consitutution does it say that kids under 18 have the "right" to go out and disturb people late at night and pillage others property?

Retirement Communities, and gated communities all have their laws for quality of living they have all agreed on and no one is challenging those. If you don't like the laws of your village, town, City or state, move. That would make most of us happy.
If you are not having these problems in your area, thank your lucky stars and enjoy your sleep. But we are, so please let the citizens, the Police and the Public officials in our area handle it the way the laws state, and keep your opinions to issues that affect you. We aren't trying to run your neighborhood, please don't try to run ours.
We have suffered in our area long enough and we would like more people to agree with our efforts of remediation and let us enjoy the same privileges others have in this city.
Please help us make this city a place to enjoy living and be able to hear people say, "hey, you know, I LIKE living in Troy."

Tina Urzan, Thila Bell and Nina Glandz


  1. Tina,
    I couldn't read your post without laughing. I live in Troy. I chose to buy a ome in a quiet neighborhood that doesn't ave te inherent problems tat you have in yours. I spent more money to be able to enjoy my peace and quiet. Unlike you who paid little and epect so much from our city services. If anybody sould move, you should. Try living on the moon where there are no neighbors and your "clients" can enjoy your "bed and breakfast" without seeing and earing the sights and sounds of te culturally rich environment tat you complain about so frequently. You portray yourself as a community activist, but wat you really are is a racist with a forum. You are dangerous with your ability to spew your hatred in the paper. Please move and harass some other community.

  2. Part 1

    Dear Anonymous, May I preface my reply to you with the fact that I have the ability to accept or reject any comment that is made in regards to the BLOGS posted. I have never rejected any and in PARTICULAR it was with great pleasure to post YOURS, so people can see that your typed of thinking is "out there". I know you have posted before with your angry comments as I recognize your style of writing and all of the mispelled words. I don't know if you are a Man or a Woman but I do know that you hide behind your statements as you choose not to post your name. You just want to run out in the street and shout what you have to say and run back in your house real quick so no one knows who you are, but I recieve calls from Folks who say they know who a "Commenter" is so I have an idea but not for sure.
    Anyway to address you, you write as though I 'just got in town' and want to change things as the 'newby'. Quite wrong, I have lived in Troy my ENTIRE life, how about you? I have lived on THIS block 11 years and One block North of this location since 1974, so you can't tell me the History of this area. I know it when we had only 2 Absentee Landlords on our block and every single family knew WHO lived WHERE and what they were all about. Presently and mostly within the last 10-15 years that has all changed dramatically and we are trying to reverse and correct it. Previous to that I lived in South Troy and North Greenbush. So I have lived on both sides of the fences. You state you spent more money to be able to enjoy your peace and quiet. I can bet you "I" and "We" pay more taxes than you do and let me tell you these problems are coming soon to your Neighborhood whether you know it or not. Please don't scoff and try to deny it as these problems are on the East side now and what would your "Almighty" comment be about the very 'high end' kids that completely trashed the house out on Indian Pipe Dr out in North Greenbush?? Or did you conveniently forget about that. They were out past Curfew.

    Next comment you wrote, "if anyone should move, I should". Now isn't that very bright and educated of you, you move out the good people and good businesses for what? More corner stores that sell drugs and fence items? Sell out to a Landlord that lives in "God knows what State or yes "Country" so that they can pack tons of people in them, some illegals so they can take the cash and run and leave us to live with their 'spoils'? I don't think so, we are going to fight to get our Neighborhoods back and don't need Folks like you telling us we don't deserve to live the way we use to. I would like you to tell Mayor Tutunjian, have the good people and good businesses move because they are complaining. Our taxes are just as good as yours and if you live in Troy, do you work in Troy?

  3. Part 2

    Would you want YOUR employer be told to move because uncaring and undesireable people are causing problems for their businesses? God forbid YOU work for the City of Troy where are all those Folks going when Mayor Tutunjian closes up shop. Geez, where is your brain?
    But now to get to the BEST PART that I am not a Community Activist, I am a RACIST! All I can say is a big OH BROTHER you do not know me at all or our Neighborhood Assn. For your info, our Assn, is probably 50% Black or Hispanic people that are sick to death of all of this and want it changed. I speak for them and with them, some are just too afraid to speak out. I have had Folks from 33 Countries stay in the B&B, white, Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim,Oriental, everyday it is a new face and now over 50% are repeat visitors all doing business of some sort or visiting in Troy. I don't know if you keep up with the 'Uptown Initative' started by Xenia Allen here in Uptown/North Central. See is a secondary Neighborhood Assn. that deals more with the cleaning and beautification of Uptown/North Central, & she is a member of ours whose meetings primarily deal with the problems. I first met Xenia when we started our FOCUS block group which took what we felt was the most blighted block in North Central and decided to turn it around to one of beauty. Xenia was a person who bought into the block by buying a house at the Auction and was determined to make this 'in very bad shape' her Palace. Xenia ran into troubles living and repairing at the same time and it was causing her great difficulty. I knew of it and said 'Xenia, come live with me until this is all done and you can get away from all the stress it is causing you." So she did, in my private quarters on the 3rd floor, with my Husband, for just over one year.Xenia is BLACK. Do you feel pretty foolish now? To this day when we need to get something in that bedroom, we still say, it is in 'Xenia's" room I have many friends here in Troy and elsewhere that are not only White. So to say I am a Racist with a Forum, is outrageous. You must have been born by C-Section and the Dr. lifted you out, and I say this because you don't have any feet for the Dr. to have pulled you out by because you don't have ANY TO STAND ON! So you say I spew my hatred in the paper and state I shouldmove and harass some other Community, but yet you state you live somewhere else, so once again, what business is it of YOURS of what we are trying to do in OUR Community. Please write again and sign your name, I do, I don't hide behind my words. Did you also run out and do bad things to your friends when you were a kid and then and run and hide behind MOMMY? Well come out from the woodwork and show us your face and make some positive comments on how to mend Troy.

    Tina Urzan

  4. I agree with you Tina, I think parents should be held responsible for their kids. The kids over here on this part of 5th ave, don't care about other people's property and other people around them. I sit here and watch the little "DARLINGS" walk by and drop their garbage any where they want. We have to listen their conversations, F this and F-that. Now lets talk about their music when they pull up to the store or pick up their friends, or stop to talk to someone walking by. when you say something to them they mouth off right back. When i was a kid I would have had a hand across the side of my face. WE need to do away with the child abuse crap. IT'S CALLED DISCIPLINE.
    So Anonymous, When the little "DARLINGS" start hanging out in front of your house on, your nice quiet piece, selling their drugs and playing their music really loud. then come back and bitch. Get ready to start picking up their garbage and crack bags.
    when I first moved here 4 years ago, its was a great place. But like Tina said "it is changing, not for the good." Thats why we fight back. Your doing a good job, Tina. Keep it up.

  5. Tina,
    I live a couple of blocks away from you. These children and their parents that live on the same block as you all deserve your respect, not your venom. Stop the insanity. Break the chain of racial devide. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Offer a helping hand to the young man wearing the red ball cap sideways instead of casting dispersions and fueling hatred just because you don't like the way he looks or the music he listens to. To borrow a phrase from the late Ronald Reagan "Tear down that wall" surrounding your sad and lonely timid soul, not to mention the hideous one surrounding your property that in a way represents your closed mind.
    I agree with the above comment from anonomous, as do many people I talk to quite frequently.....I dont hate you, I just understand you.

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  7. curfew sounds great lets work it like this everyone who is on public ass, or living in public housing has a 9pm curfew, i will bet our crime rate will go down 75% and we can extend that to non home owners must obey the curfew as well! there the other 25% were a crime free community problem solved!! that was pretty easy

  8. I totally agree with curfew. I have lived in Troy all my life. This place is being overrun by law breaking criminals that have a total lack of respect for anything. They don't learn it at home or at school. The parents are to blame and so are the schools. My kids go to Troy schools and they have rules that they NEVER uphold. They are teaching the youth that there is no accountability. They are afraid to discipline due to fear of lawsuits. IT is not racial either...every ethnic group fits the profile. Kids today are just crude and rude and WE allow it. It is a shame no one has any courage these days to do the right thing,to say enough is enough. No wonder they call it troylet....

  9. whats the matter Tina? Did I strike a nerve? Post my comment!

  10. Dear Sept. 5, 2010, which comment? All are posted, can't you find it. Only comments that have not been posted are the ones 'finally' being deleted from whomever is trying to POST in Oriental letters, which also have some link to what appears to be a 'virus'. So look around for your COMMENT or if it didn't go through, Post again and be "brave" Mr. or Mrs. and sign your might make more of an impact and be believable.

  11. back to the subject on hand i am so in agreement with parents being held accountable, i would think the parents would want this curfew to ensure their kids are both safe and not breaking any laws..when i was a teenager i had a 10pm curfew no matter what no excuses..i have raised 3 kids in the north central area all are in college now and working and i consider myself a very lucky person for this but i give myself some credit because i care about my kids , my focus was on them not myself or my needs or the idiot who made the statement that you should move tina, relax, he or she is just ignorant and it won't be long until they have the same situation all area's have slumlord's which next to the parents are the 2nd reason we have certain area's considered unholy..when i lived in the central area for 20 years i may mention i had awesome landlords who were very careful on renting , once they sold the house to a slumlord i left ..and he in turn sold it to another slumlord ..if you left tina you would just let the place you worked hard at making beautiful just another vacant proud of your efforts tina and those other wonderful people in your area that do care and do when mr or mrs. glass house has these issues perhaps some compassion can be heaped upon them also.