Sunday, January 31, 2010

St. Patricks Church

One of my BLOG readers has asked me to comment on the closing of St. Patricks Church. Usually I stay away from Religious conversations as it always seems to raise the hair on some Folks backs as all our views are different so here I go on my Soapbox as requested!

Just for the record, I myself, was raised Roman Catholic. My Father was a Ukrainian Orthodox, but my Mom was a Roman Catholic so that is how myself and all my Siblings were raised. I started Kindergarten in the old St. Joseph's School with Sister Immaculata and mid-year after our Christmas recess, returned to the new school built on Fourth St. We moved in 1956 and I was enrolled in St. Jude's in Wynantskill until shortly after the death of my Mother in 1961 and then re-enrolled in Wynantskill School by my Step-Mother. So I do have a religious education and can comment with this being stated.

I feel the closing of St. Patricks is doing an absolute disservice to the people of North Central and the surrounding areas, as many Parishioners who have relocated still attend Mass there. I had the opportunity to speak with Bishop Hubbard last year and I was very direct in telling him how wrong this was for the Community and how he was going to realize this after the fact, and should reconsider. I told him I was sure that he was not aware of plans for some redevelopment of his area, especially along the river and that the volume of the people living here was going to increase and for the better. These Folks are all going to be looking for a Church and probably the most beautiful church in the City of Troy is going to be shuttered. I don't think I fazed Bishop Hubbard, I felt I was looking into empty eyes. I wondered if he was even hearing me. Bishop Hubbard was raised here in this area, St. Patricks was his school and Parish and he is not fighting one bit for that Church or Parish, SHAME on him! All the support he received through the years from his Parishoners and this is what he gives in return! Shame on him TWICE!!!!! I don't think he should be let into Heaven, St. Peter at the Pearly Gates should look HIM in the empty eyes and say "you did not do what we put you on earth for, and especially as a PRIEST & BISHOP"! You did not fulfill your duties. sorry you are not getting in. The Gates of Heaven should then be closed on him as he is closing the Gates to St. Patricks!

You would think that of all Churches, he would want to save the one of the neighborhood he grew up in, but sadly it seems not to be the case. In fact, that is my rub with the Catholic Church and why I don't attend Mass any longer. I do not feel that they care about their Community, the physical Church is there, the Priests are there but to go to them about a problem in your Family or your Community, they are not there for you, they will refer you to someone else or an agency. THAT is not what a Church is all about, it is about keeping the flock attended, checking on Parishioners who have fallen on hard times, people who are physically sick or those who are misguided.

So to the reader who asked my opinion, there is it, you got me on my Soapbox. For those who know me, they know I speak from the heart and truthfully, and never lie, I speak it as I see it and KNOW it, and if you don't like it, maybe you are the person I am speaking of or are maybe dishonest yourself. So I can't see and I haven't heard of anyone who is in favor of this Church closing. All of the donations made for over 100 years to this beautiful Church are now for naught. What the walls of this Church has witnessed over the years, the Baptisms, the Weddings, Funerals, Confessions, First Communions, Confirmations, prayers and many many people living and long passed on will fade into a non-existence. I hope Bishop Hubbard reads this,I hope he feels terrible after he does. Am I being rough on him? No rougher than he is being on the Parishioners that have supported him for years! Keep it open and get us a new Bishop! Bishop Hubbard is retiring soon, so he doesn't' care, he will be safe and sound, but what of his Flock? Don't bother looking for him in Heaven, he won't be there.