Saturday, October 30, 2010

Judge Matt Turner

There is another race here in Troy that I am watching closely. Judge Matt Turner vs. Chuck Thomas. Judge Matt Turner currently presides over Troy City Court. For those who have never been before him, it would please you to know that it is a better experience than you would think. Not all folks have had the need to use the services of this court, but there are plenty of people in Troy that have and if you happen to have been before him either as a Claimant or a Defendant, you have to be honest, you may have gone in nervous but came out saying to yourself, geez, that wasn't as bad as I thought, regardless of which side of the road you were on.

I have been in Judge Turners Court 3 times. None of them I wanted to be there for, but because there are people in Troy whom don't hold up their end of an agreement, financially, or get some crazy idea in their head of what they think they can get away with, financial or otherwise, I have been there. Judge Turner, if possible will try to work something out between the Parties to avoid having it go any futher, if this is not possible you will have the hearing. Judge Turner makes it so no one feels intimidated. He lays out the facts of the case, as presented to him, asks if it is correct, lets both sides have their say in the matter, asks if there can be an agreement and when it is made or he makes it, he formalizes it and your matter is over. No Movie screen sweating, screaming, hollaring or pointing fingers. It is over and he calls the next case, and tries to move as quickly as possible so as not to inconvenience anyones day and stick to his schedule.

Judge Turner also has a very helpful staff who knows this Court very well and are quite helpful.

On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, 2010, I will be casting my Vote for Matt Turner. I hope and encourage you to do so also.


  1. I voted for him he is a great guy! But I had to chuckle at the sign on 112th St. that said "RELECT JUDGE TURNER"

  2. Judge Turner won his election. I'd like to think that your Blog endorsement of him helped Tina.
    I'm glad thatcompassionate Conservatism is alive and rising in NY.

  3. You are complete idiots. He is the worst judg I have ever come across.