Thursday, December 24, 2009

Delivery Stick Ups

Troy and other areas are becoming hot spots for Deliverymen becoming victims of Crime. Usually they only end up losing all of the money that they have collected for the food delivered and/or the food that they are currently delivering, but someday one of them is going to lose their life! In times past more frequently you would hear of Cab Drivers being robbed,and we have had some murders involved in this, and to solve that problem bullet proof shields were installed in the cabs separating the Driver from the Passengers,and Passengers were to only ride in the back, but unfortunately, some drivers still allow pick-ups to ride in the front and are robbed.

Now deliveryman are a different victim, they have no way of protecting themselves from these creeps. These are innocent people trying to make a living and these creeps robbing them are the scum of the earth with no morals or values. A lot of my readers of this BLOG know me, and I have to apologize for some of the words I use to describe people or actions, but being in volunteer Community service as long as I have, I have learned these words are the only way to describe these Hoodlums.

How are the businesses, mainly Pizza and Chinese Food establishments to protect themselves? I have thought long and hard about this. Perhaps the Businesses could have a registry of their regular delivery customers. If you are someone new who would like to use their services and has not ever had delivery to your home, you could go to this business and tell them you would like to be able to partake of delivery and register your address and show your Drivers License number to be recorded to prove you actually live there and are legitimate. Then Drivers will only go to these safe locations. Food delivery brings more income to these businesses as many people are not able to go pick it up. It has nothing to do with being lazy, some people just don't have cars, some are elderly Folks who won't drive at night, due to vision problems or just being afraid to go out at night.Others may be a Parent home by themselves while the Spouse is working and just can't pack all the kids in the car for a pickup and can't leave the kids alone at home, so it is a great convenience.

What else could you do besides send a Cop out posing as a Deliveryman of which we don't have the available Police personnel to do this or positioning a undercover unit occasionally at a unknown request for delivery that seems questionable, perhaps the street crime unit. It is an easy crime for these thugs to pull off and I welcome comments, views and suggestions on solving this problem.