Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday is Election Day

Well, Election Day is almost here, and I don't know about you, but it can't come soon enough for me! I really am so tired of the Ads on TV, some of the lies and outrageous accusations really get to be a little too much.

Everyone needs to get out and have their voice heard by casting your vote, if you DON'T, you have no one to blame but yourself if things don't start to change here in New York State. This State has been so beat up by the Politicans I don't even know how we can begin to dig out. It is tax on tax on tax and just how can we survive if this continues?

We need CHANGE! I have been part of the cry for VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!! Why ALL of them? Well for one thing, we haven't seen much change nor anyone trying to save any of us, they just all seem to be going along with everyone and everything. Why isn't someone trying to stop or reverse some of this taxation? Why are they allowing or creating things such as the DELIVERY FEE on our National Grid bills. I just want to throw up over that. I am on the Budget so I don't suffer so badly in the Winter with the high heat bills. My Monthly budgeted amount is $468, OF that $175 is DELIVERY FEES! Money we pay that we get absolutely nothing for, I will go into that in another BLOG. But things such as this and the taxes on Cell phones, out of control School Taxes.

Then remember our Corrupt Policticians that have been kicked out of office this year, how long was this all going on that we screamed about and took until it came to all this to get rid of them? How much have we NOT uncovered yet? They all seem to be hanging in there to be able to reach out for that 'golden pension'.

I am still hoping and praying that Carl Paladino survives and is voted in as our Governor. We need a breath of fresh air, someone who isn't connected to all of the other Buddie-buddies that all cover for each other. I will do for you, if you will do for me, and don't worry, we can just get it out of the TAXPAYERS!! Paladino is a Businessman, he will run the State as a Business and not a Pot of Gold for the Good Ol Boy network. The Taxpayers should not be an unending source of money to be dipped into over and over. Not only have they driven businesses out of the State, but more and more Citizens are going, and should I say the TAX paying Citizens. We have way too many people in this State on some kind or the other 'program' we are all paying for, they just flock to New York State for the freebies.

I fear if Andrew Cuomo gets in, it is just going to big one huge continuation of this free for all. He has never worked in the private sector, always handed a great paying job, hasn't had to work his way up from the bottom, born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth, so what does he know of struggle and what does he care? You have to keep the 'good ol boy' network running and he certainly can be your man to do it.

The Polls say he is as of today, double digits ahead. Just who ARE these people they poll? I have never been polled, nor have any of my friends or acquaintances been. I am voting for Paladino and those who 'will' tell me who they are voting for, state Paladino gets their vote. Let me tell you, I AM aware there are lots of people out there who would not tell you, that is where their vote is going, because they are afraid to say it. Whether it is their job that might be in jeapordy or some other connection that keeps them quiet, or just the fear of always wanting to say they supported the winner, they won't give it up ahead of time. So for all the voters in the dark I will be happy to share my vote for Paladino with you. Remember, no one knows who your vote is cast for. Get out, vote and vote for CHANGE. It can't get any worse than it is NOW! Give him a shot.

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  1. Can't comment on my thoughts on the candidates, but I will say that it can be entertaining at how increasingly ridiculous ads get the closer it gets to election day.