Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Albany/ Occupy Everything

  All week long, if you turned on the TV, or the Radio, or read the Newspaper all you hear or see is Occupy Albany and still some of the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland. Most of what you hear are people that are very negative towards the protesters, but I am on the opposing side, I am 'for' the Protesters.
   This country isn't in very good shape economically and the morale of the US Citizen is not very good. For the last few years I have been saying that this Country is headed for a Revolution. The American Citizen has had enough, they are starting to  get vocal and speak out and no one seems to be listening and I am talking about Government and big Corporations. The Administration isn't listening at all and they aren't watching things either. They have been elected to speak for us and protect us and they have done neither, we are in a big mess, created by our leadership. They have let big Corporations such as  Insurance Companies and Credit Card companies fleece us and the Government whether it is Federal, State or the smaller leadership, tax us, fee us, surcharge us or whatever label you want to put on it, to death! Our protests got a start in the last election by voting some of them out but not enough, I don't think they got the message, so now Society is taking the next step, they are grouping together and protesting. Groups are mostly small but some larger and more agressive. There is a LOT of anger out there and we are fed up with what is going on. What does disturb me though is there are some people that just don't seem to get the message that they are doing this for us. If I could be there with them I would. I have been listening to the Radio Shows and some people calling in and saying 'get them out of there"! What are you KIDDING ME?? This is America and they have every right to their Freedom of Speech and they chose public areas where they can be seen. I am very surprised Paul Vandenburgh on Talk 1300, our only local talk show now on the Airwaves, has been pounding away all week on this, and he doesn't seem to be getting the amounts of calls he would like to on these protestors agreeing with him. Paul has his microphone, every single morning, and he reaches a huge number of listeners and when he goes on one of his rampages over something that is either upsetting him OR is blatanly wrong and he needs to get it out there and hammer away on it ( and that is a GOOD thing) he has his microphone. What do the Protestors have? Just there voices and their signs and whatever Media coverage they can get, lately the Media has been beating up on them. What is WRONG with everyone? Can't you see the Govenment is not listening nor anyone else and that by their total ignorance or as out in Oakland the violence that started with heavy Police action, they are causing more problems for themselves. I congratulate Mayor Jennings and D. A.  Soares on their decision to leave it all alone. They know they have their rights and I would venture to say that they agree with them and are just sitting back and monitoring the situation. We have American soldiers in other countries that are fighting for other people's freedom of speech and liberties and getting killed for it, and we can't speak out here in our own Country? You have to be kidding me, to coin Paul's phrase, ya just can't make this stuff up Folks.
  People will say, 'well just what are they protesting about'? Well, have you been living under a ROCK? Is everything so perfect in your world that you don't have a clue what is going on outside of your Soap Opera or Sports game? And if you think everything is OK, then I want some of the Kool Aid YOU are drinking! Each person is speaking out about different problems in our Country, for a few, High Taxes, Corrupt Politicians, Double standards, out of control Welfare System, people defrauding our Social Service program left and right, Illegal Immigration, Illegals getting benefits people paying the taxes for can't. The Unions. The Justice system letting  people off one after the other, Politicians not being prosecueted, the rich not being prosecuted. Look what is going on with the Hollywood 'Elite', do just what ever you want and the Judge will say..........ok, play nice and you can go. u-m-m-m-m Linsday Lohan anyone? We are just sick to death of it all and us small  people are paying for it all and paying and paying and paying. These groups are going to get larger and larger, and the same dumb people won't listen and the Revolution will start. It happened before and it can happen again and I am for one sure it will. I don't know if I will live to see it, it is going to take some time, but if I am still alive, I will be  part of it, can't think of a better way to go!

As always, "That's The Way It Is"..........


  1. Those that critique the movement do not quite understand the overall intentions of the movement. It's somewhat different from other political protests throughout history, which I've spent a few years studying. Someone may feel justified in brushing off the movement for "lacking a goal" or "containing a massive jumble of different goals." My interpretation is: That's the point. The point of the occupy movement, whether most involved know about it right now, is to surge political action/participation of those they consider the 99%. Our ability to vote is being outweighed by the ability of corporations and ultra wealthy Americans to literally buy their policy interests in government. Voting isn't enough if you expect to be a citizen that participates in the decision-making arena!!! You must go outside, protest, organize, raise-awareness, and GET INVOLVED if you expect to see any real changes. There is so much we as citizens can do to be involved besides voting and just supporting a political party.


  2. I've always felt that paying the least amount of TAX that I can is helpful in starving the monster government that we now have.
    Politicians hoping to be elected on the Federal and State levels have promised key voting groups whatever they wanted. Fulfilling these election promises meant higher taxes. So they became the Mandates that must be collected by the Counties, Cities and Towns. Lawmakers have made Tax Collectors out of every retail store and business in every State.
    I can not place blame on Corporations that use legal dodges to pay less tax. These loopholes were created when our representatives in Congress or the NYS Legislature raised their hands and voted YES to create them.
    "Any one may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which will best pay the Treasury..."

  3. I think It is gutsy that a semi public figure of reasonable mind come out in support of the "Occupy Movement" Disorganized or not, it is real sentiment and is protected speech that we cant just SWEEP AWAY with the police. more and more it will become relevant to "average" people who are not occupying but are not in the current state of affairs benefiting from , well, not occupying...