Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sound Off, Comments and so on

There are various ways the Folks in Troy respond to stories that they read in the RECORD, or comment on things they know are going on, or hear on the street or TALK RADIO. Some are general comments, some made in anger or just being a little upset over how things are going and they vent. Some sign their names, and they are not ashamed of it, these are usually posted in the 'Pulse of the People', or they anonymously call into Sound Off or create a cute little name and respond in the "comment" section of the online version of The RECORD directly after the story.

I read these occasionally and find them to be amusing, sometimes right on the money and other times downright lies of people posting to try and sway the general publics thoughts on a specific matter,to their way of thinking, or just to throw them completely off base. In most events no one signs their real name, they use one of the inventive "made up names". Some are pretty funny, like "Gonnagetemville" or "SouthTroygirl", "Flapper", "FormerNYer" or whatever. Some of the names are very descriptive of the way they write or their mission with the post.

Today I found myself reading the comments that were being made under the article describing the tug of war between Mayor Tutunjian and Councilman Bill Dunne mostly regarding the lawsuit that is being brought against the City of Troy (us Taxpayers) by Officer Robert Fitzgerald, over his loss of Life's Enjoyment or a similar title. There was quite a bit of 'beating up" going on with these comments and quite a few were fairly easy to figure out who was writing them.

Years ago on a popular morning radio show, MASON & SHEEHAN there use to be a very entertaining segment of the show called "Dear Bobby". Folks would write in with some hilarious problems and Bob Mason would either solve their troubles for them or just make a very colorful comment to it. I use to enjoy writing letters in myself, under a fictitious name and listen to the results.

Nowadays, I don't entertain myself or others with that type of thing, I like to write about serious issues or concerns within the City of Troy or other areas and sign my name, which I occasionally do in the Pulse of the People.

So when reading the comments in the above mentioned article, I came across one from "Concerned Troy Resident". In this comment Chief Tedesco and both Mayor Tutunjian were getting beat up together over their handling of the PBA and the Police Dept. in general. In a 'hit' to Chief Tedesco the verbage was "Oh and let's not forget about his favorite TINA that will write into Sound Off for about a month or two after this". So geez I guess I have to revert back to the old MASON AND SHEEHAN show with this, so here goes...

Dear Bobby,
Thank you for mentioning me in your comment. I thought you forgot about me. I would like to point out a few things for you. No. 1, I don't have to call into Sound Off to make comments, I have my 'very own' BLOG now to do it, online with the RECORD for all to read and comment and guess what? I SIGN my name, no need to be sneaky or make up a name. I didn't know I was his "favorite" I thought I was Asst. Chief, remember when you gave me that title? But Chief Tedesco IS "my" favorite, and I also have to add I do have other lesser 'favorites' in the Police Dept. they know who they are and if you would like me to list them at some point I will. All are favorites because they pay attention, listen and react and make all of the citizens happy. Chief Tedesco is my leetle favorite because for the last 12+ years when he was barely just a measly little Captain, I happened to call upon his assistance when he first became associated with and then headed up the Community Police unit. I called for help, received it and have been getting the SAME results continuously. I have to tell you, before that fateful day I had a VERY negative view and relationship with the Troy Police Dept. and stayed as far from them or their assistance as I could. He changed all that for me and a LOT of people. He listened, he advised, he helped and he steered all of us in the Community Groups in the right direction. He had a band of Merry Little Community Police Officers that liked working for him and boy, they got it done, no disputing that and they KNOW it! He really helped in mine and others efforts to shape up North Central where before it was ignored like the Bubonic Plague. As he went up the ranks he continued. And because he is so well liked with the Community, he is despised by others including you. Though there are many in the TPD that absolutely admire him and work well with him. For these efforts he has been bestowed with the highest honor, from the Community, he has been awarded THE CAPE! He also knows that at anytime this prestigious award could be taken from him if he falls from grace...but I don't think so.

So in ending my 'Dear Bobby' letter, I invite you to pick up the phone and call me anytime and we can discuss issues in Troy, the PBA, the TPD or even the price of Kool-Aid these days, and who is drinking it, whatever..... Whoever you think is 'Sounding off" in that column is not me, but someone else defending the Chief and feeling the same as me. So now the new mission for you is to look farther to find out who, other than me, is "Sounding Off " I can always use a Partner!

And...... here it is! My Name in bold letters!

Tina Urzan


  1. My Dear, TINA URZAN!!! Although I really appreciate people that have the best interest of Troy in the forefront, I really don't have the time or energy for people that are blind to the obvious. Your Chief Tedesco's band of "Merry Little Community Police Officers" hate his guts. Not because he makes them do their jobs, as they should, but its the way he treats them. Actually, its the way he treats everyone. He is not a people person and that is why he should NOT be a chief along with the fact he has no idea what he is doing.

    It also is so funny that you bring up the fact that he went up the ranks!!! He was promoted to Assistant Chief IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT!!! Wow what an honor that is! And why do you think he was promoted that way??? Do you think maybe there was some politics in there somewhere???

    Anyway, take your head out of the sand and watch the law suits and crime build up in Troy. It is really sad and scary as I myself have a family and kids to watch out for. And yes, you bet your ass I'm not putting my name here because I know how our he works and I really hope you learn too.

  2. Dear Bobby -- I for one agree with Tina's thoughts on Chief Tedesco. He has always been the biggest supporter of neighborhood groups, and our communities. I find it refreshing that he actually wants to lead his department in the correct direction. Hearing very well paid police officers complaining that they have to walk a beat, and now actually are held accountable for their actions is a bit disheartening though. The police have a very tough job -- I appreciate all that they have to deal with --but when they signed on for this job, they did so with the understanding that they were going to be a police officer for the city of Troy, and would have to answer to the chief/ not the PBA. You see, the chief runs the show -- he's the boss. So to hear these officers complaining that they do not like how things are being run ---I say, too bad. Just do as you're told -- just like anyone else in the private sector does at their job. If I told my boss how to run his business, I'd be fired. Why should these guys be treated any differant

  3. Have people been paying attention to the Rens. County Sheriff race. It was in the paper that a man got released from jail and the blame was put on the sheriff dept. When in fact it was the courts fault and this Gordon's buddy that works at the Record puts it in the paper as it was the jails fault. You gotta love politics.I Mean Dirty Politics!!

  4. 1st gordon needs to be fired tks,,,2nd if the police chief is replaced and you want respect dont hire the drunk whos at a bar 7 days a week or at otb gambling all day while on duty ,,, hire tony magnetto if your gonna go that route,,

  5. not born here? don't live hereDecember 23, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    Speaking of police departments and being dissatisfied, How about Mechanicville Police. I've lived in Mechanicville now for 23 years and have found their police department Impodent at best. They have a "if you weren't born here, you should live here" attitude. I have only had the misfortune of dealing with the Mechanicville police a few times since living here and every time it has been a disappointment.
    If you complain about a drunken neighbor assaulting your son at 1:30 in the morning, they show up but refuse to arrest anyone. If you get in to a car accident and your a teenager, the teenager gets the ticket even if the other car ran a light and has no license or registration. I've even had the misfortune of hearing a police officer say he would physically assault his own child if his child spoke to him in a certain way.
    Is this the type of protection and safety we want from our police departments? They only seem interested in handing our speeding tickets and harrassing the kids in town.
    I even spoken to the Chief of police and he has agreed with me that the actions of his police department were wrong. Yet nothing is ever done about it. This department needs to be removed and taken over by professionals, such as the state police. Not be run by uneducated lazy bullies.

  6. Hello Not Born Here... thanks for the read, interest and comment.Did you mean to say 'if you weren't born here, you SHOULDN'T live here" or is it a typo? If you have Town meetings or a Public Safety Board, I would address it with them, it is a Public Hearing and would go down on record. Then if there are other 'similar' complaints, they may come out and then perhaps garner some attention.


  7. Chief Tedesco has been a God-send! He is honest, fair and gets the job done. He respects people and gets to know them and their neighborhood. He treats everyone equally. Through then-Capt. T and now Chief T., he led the development and implementation of an effective Community Police force. Quite frankly, he is my hero and has kept us safe for decades. This man deserves more than a pay check. Thank you so much Chief T. for your many contributions! We love you! - Keep the faith!

  8. Well another 4th of July here and gone . We went to the fire works display in Albany ! We is my two Great Neices from Valley Falls ,the Hubbie and I. Over and over drunks bumping in to you knocking you over. I do not think booze should be allowed if you can not controll your buzz. Let alone peoples should not be allowed to sit in chairs on the steps where the bands was. They take up 4 times the space where no one else can sit. Next year we will take the girls else where . Sad a few drunks and ingroant people can ruin what is to be a family outing.There was a loud mouth fat assed girl with the voice of a air horn and her moma , was so obnoxious we were fourced to move. Should of went to the Valley Cats game instead !!!!

  9. Tina I wish you were right but the only people moving to Troy are from downstate and there little girls with 5-6 kids that live off the tax payers while there boy friend sling drugs out of there tax payers apts, that we pay for along with there food and heat and gas,,let's not forget there school and daycare Troy is destine to go broke as well as the Troy tax payer,,will the last working family shut the lights off on this city when leaving RIP Troy

  10. Well we can't replace TEDESCO with the captains especially mc avoy here's a guy who's spend have his day at OTB with a fist full of beers and if he's not there he's at another drinking hole all night