Tuesday, December 20, 2011


McDonald's, proposed for Hoosick St. at the corner of 15th seems to be on a lot of folks minds. I attended the last hearing on this in City Hall and there was a large crowd. The crowd filled the room and there were folks out in the hallway, but I couldn't tell you how many as in the position I was in I could only see those crowded in the doorway. Some folks had their say and then left and others quickly filled their seats.

The Principals for the project presented their case and then the Planning Board allowed comments of which there were many and most of them were concerned about the traffic area as was I. My thoughts were with the added traffic, and may I say, it is a high traffic area anyway and they is NOT going to go away but there will be some added to it. The REAL problem is: most of this traffic now is moving along, but adding the McDonald's will add a lot of stop and turn, stop and go traffic which will really slow things down. My concern was as Hoosick St. has a incline to it going East, and there are so many Tractor Trailers that utilize this route, for each stop and go of the Trailers it is going to be a real slow go for them to even get back up to speed again going through all of their gears only to have to stop again and try to get started again on that hill.

As for the other vehicular traffic, the Intersection lights are going to be a challenge to try and time correctly to keep anything moving smoothly. We already have gridlock at the bottom of Hoosick and 6th where the traffic lights are badly timed. The area between 6th and the end of the exit of the bridge is short, the traffic light is terribly long. So no one on 6th wants to be stuck waiting through a 2nd light cycle go bumper to bumper on the Intersection at high traffic time and the flow of traffic on 6th going North and South comes to a standstill due to the gridlock. This same thing will happen at Hoosick and 15th.

After thinking about this for a while I could only think as much as I detest them is to put a "Rotary" in at the 15th St. intersection, it would have to be wide with a small center to accommodate the Tractor trailers but at least it would keep things moving smoothly with no gridlock and few accidents.

It as always, only my opinion, but That's the Way It Is...


  1. Are you out of your mind? A rotary at the intersection makes no sense and would take up valuable real estate and create a nightmare. Lets put one down near your B & B near Stewarts and avoid the traffic problems there also. Neither one makes sense but then again, neither do you Tina.

  2. Dear Anonymous, This is a Opinion BLOG and we are both entitled to each of ours. No I don't think it is a crazy idea, First of all 6th and Glen doesn't have a traffic problem. Actually we would be much better off here 'without' a light as on the Glen Ave. side it is timed way too long, it leaves time for at the most 3 cars to get out at the green light and one daydreaming person or one texting at the light makes everyone except them wait for another light if they are going South. Secondly, you have Glen coming from River, one way going East, from Glen and 7th one way going West. When there is a emergency and Ambulance or Police block the street OR a School Bus with Flashing red lights you can't turn off of 6th, both turns at that point are illegal and a huge bottleneck is created.

    Now for 15th and Hoosick St. I certainly hope you were at the Planning Board meeting and saw all of the drawings presented, if you weren't you would not have a full picture of this problem. This is already a badly congested area, with the Gas Station on the NW corner and lots of 'ins and outs' traffic coming and going to the Troy Plaza, RPI traffic and those going to Brunswick areas. In order to keep this flowing reasonably there is going to have to be some major genius adjustments on the lights at that intersection for the allowance of who needs to go straight, who needs to take the harrowing left off of 15th St. headed West (where the Traffic from the Drive thru is supposed to exit)or East coming from the North side of 15th, there are going to be bottle-necks all over. Top that off with the Tractor-Trailers coming up Hoosick on the incline who need to go through multiple gears just to get started again after stopping for someone entering the Troy Plaza and now McDonald's on top of it. So a intersection that would allow a constant enter and exit makes a lot of sense. So at this point, I would ask what is your suggestion and or solution or if you are even FOR McDonald's? I am not against McDonald's as many at the meeting were, just because it IS McDonald's (many people patronize them and so did I when my kids were small) it is just it or any other large traffic volume business going in at that intersection is going to create a big Nightmare out of a small Nighmare.

  3. Tina, you better watch out for the men in the white jackets that are looking for you and your friend Jim. both of you are candidates for the looney bin at Samaritan. Surely you jest a rotary at the intersection of 15th and Hoosick would take up so much room that they would have to take down every building and gas station within 500' of the intersection. So much for you using your head for something besides a hat rack. Better stick with your failing B & B.

  4. Dear Anonymous or maybe Anonymous Part II? First of all I don't know who Jim is, nor do I know who you are. I would put some credibility in your posting(s) but you don't sign your name, what is the problem with that? You should want to back up what you say for anyone to take you serious. I have not seen you offer an opinion or a solution. If there can not be a solution provided for this intersection, it will certainly be a nightmare, then it should not be built, find a more suitable place for it. So sorry, you won't have any company in the 'loonie bin'...you are on your own Pal.

    As for a "failing B&B" where would you ever get that notion? I have been here for 12 yrs. now, sounds to me as though things are OK here. Just so you know, because you don't seem to know a lot, some of Troy's finer Citizens send their friends and relatives to stay here. Many Folks associated with RPI and the other Colleges in Troy stay here, Emma Willard included. Traveling Businessmen and State Workers are here. I have had people from 42, yes 42 different Countries come and stay here. In the Summer I host many of those attending the Saratoga Race Track and many many people tracing their Geneology. Groups Biking the Erie Canal are frequent reservationists also. One group will refer another and that is how I started, from scratch, no 'buying' into a Business. Just struggling along on my own, no benefit of Grants or other such endowments. This was a beautiful house and it has been saved and restored so all can come and stay and enjoy a part of Troy's Grandeur that very little is left of. Also for those so negative on Troy, loads of people come to view our Architecture and trace our History and go on the walking Tours of Troy's History hosted by Tom Carroll. Many have started here looking for places in Troy for their Retirement and are still here in Troy. Many come can stay for a few weeks or more while in transition of a new job or home. This is an expensive house to keep up, so if no one were coming, I would have been closed down long ago. Thanks for your support, prices are very reasonable and Breakfast is great.

  5. Tina, you love to blow your own horn but I do hope that is all you blow. As for your ghetto location, I wouldn't stay in that hell hole if you paid my way. I would rather go to south Troy and live in my car than have to listen to you cry. So for now, I leave you with my other handle, which is FAT JOE from 10th. @ Middleburgh.

  6. My My My Anonymous/FAT JOE, As you can see I don't back down to your rude uneducated ignorant remarks. I have control over what is published and I post all remarks even your crude ones. I can see you don't stand up for yourself as you are still hiding behind your bush as you won't publish YOUR name, wow what a man you are, did Mommy say you better not? I would love to know where you live and YOUR neighborhood, it can't be very good as you are there, You are the exact type of person we try to extricate from Troy. As for not staying here if I paid your way, I get to choose who stays and you are the perfect example of someone whom you would NOT find here and that is exactly why people come here. Sad to say you have to live with yourself, you sound like a VERY unhappy, depressed person whose only entertainment is to read BLOGS and spread your unhapppiness around with vicious uneducated comments. Can I help you kill yourself and put you out of your misery? Too bad you aren't a kind good person like me who thinks of helping others, you might feel good about yourself once in a while. Don't bother responding as I won't publish it, unless others need another laugh and ask me to. Guess I will have to go into the interiors and get your personal email and finish with you in private....So another good ending to a 'Dear Bobby' letter. Make sure your Uniform is clean tonight for inspection!

  7. Dear Anonymous

    I'm concerned about you.
    As a licensed therapist I consider your running tirade of hurtfull comments more of a cry for help than an explanation of your position on a highway rotary. Forget about the topic, your comments are a cry for help, "listen to ME. Pay attention to ME."
    Under the cloak of safe and comfortable annonimity, you lash out with personal criticisms of the Author. Not content with stating your opinion you attempt a childish back and forth that doesn't further your argument.
    Speaking also as a professional Comedian, I find you not funny.

  8. CHARLES CAPONE, yiou are a real comedian! You and your asinine comments make me want to puke. Are you sure that you and Vic aren't sleeping together? The way that your nonsense comments are construed towards me and my comments, make you a real comedian.

    FAT JOE.

  9. Anonymous/Fat Joe, if I irritate you so much and I don't know you and I guess you don't know me. Why are you even reading the BLOG?

  10. Tina, thanks as always for a thoughtful look at traffic patterns. It seems we are sadly off to a rocky start in the transition to a new gov't in Troy. Couple that with the ongoing voter scandal, Troy is suffering a blow that I know she'll survive but it looks a bit rocky right now. Keep writing and keep the faith!

  11. Tina, is that your nose of did your pants fall down? How can someone of your dissatisfaction of all that is good for Troy, transform itself into hatred for others' opinions? It is no wonder that Mirch left your bedside and moved to the Sunshine State, less stress and he doesn't have to look at you in the morning.

    1. Dear Anonymous, I see you are still hiding behind Mommies skirt as you call out your hateful comments and run and hide behind the wall called "Anonymous". That shows your values, morals and the fact you are a cripple in that you have no legs to stand on. A cripple with no education also as you at some times respond to others comments not pleased with you, thinking they are mine.Learn to read please. Remember I always sign mine, not that their opinion of you is any different than mine.

      It appears you do not like Mr. Mirch, that is your personal opinion. I do not sleep with Mr. Mirch, I am married little man. Bob Mirch has done nothing for me personally or for my Business, he has been in my home twice, once to tell me a mutual friend of ours was very ill and once for a Social gathering that involved another 50+ people, so as you see in your Mentally ill hatred of people, you are wrong again.And I may add I have known Mr. Mirch over 35 years. As well as MANY people in Troy for more than that and I am sure you hate many of them too. What is your problem anyway? Is it with me personally (and you don't even know me) or are you just an ill person, writing these emails in the dead of night. Sounds like you need to either take a pill, see a Doctor or jump off a bridge to rid your body of your personal demons.If you are writing all of these hateful anonymous letters over a BLOG on McDonalds you certainly do have a Mental problem. I have lived in Troy my whole life, and volunteer my time as well as many of the people involved in our Neighborhood groups do. If you don't end your life with your disatifaction of the Human Race maybe you may want to join us and actually feel good about yourself. Guess it is time for the Record to eliminate you so others don't have to suffer reading hatred and starting their day off depressed that those of your type exist. I'll pray for you.

  12. I know what a licensed therapist is, but what is a professional commedian besides your gut reaction? Your comments are really a laugh, is that what makes you a professional???