Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mosley Trial

Well the Mosley trial is over and no one is surprised over the outcome. The evidence the Prosecution had, mainly his DNA overwhelmed any story Mr. Mosley could make up of where he was or how his blood got there. I for one never went for the Snowboarding story to cover up how he cut his hand. Besides the testimony of the weather conditions that day, I recall he also said he met his Son after work (4:30-5:00 PM?) and I would have thought the lighting conditions, if it weren’t dark already would not have been beneficial to Snowboarding in such a dangerous area anyway. I didn’t go for the stopping by to give him a ride, was he already dead when he called for this ‘ride’?

What I was surprised at was the emotional scene created by his Mother when the verdict was announced. She went on the stand stating he spent the night with her that night, believed by few. She had to know in her heart he was guilty though no Mother I know would want to believe it and held hope against reality in her heart somehow he would get off. Listening to her on the news hollering “NO” and “get me out of here I want to die!”, made me immediately think of Arica’s Mother Robin. I am sure when her Daughter’s body was discovered; “she” wanted to die, over and over and over. The pain of losing a child is devastating but knowing she was murdered as horribly as she was and wonder over and over how long did she suffer, did she die quickly or linger, had to rip the heart out of Robin and you can see the toll it has taken on her body. Wilma’s Son is going to prison but is still alive, Robin’s heart dies again and again, day after day knowing she will never see her Daughter again, Wilma can visit and talk, Robin visits and stares,….. at a Tombstone.

The whole story is so very sad, I wish it never had happened for both parties sake, but it is done and over with. Perhaps Robin can get her health back, her heart is another story.

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  1. All too sad indeed. The death of a child is something a parent NEVER recovers from. It's with them daily. My former mother-in-law writhed in agony at her 34yo son's funeral, who died suddenly in a car wreck. Over and over she said "You're not supposed to bury your kids. They're supposed to bury you." Her heart remained torn asunder the remainer of her life.
    The Dartlady