Thursday, January 20, 2011

National Greed

I just read online that National Grid has been approved for a $112.7 Million increase. What may I ask, or who, with any kind of brains would approve anything like that for this company in the state of the economy we are now in?? A few weeks ago I read that they made 1.9 Billion in profit last year. I don't know about YOU but I am sick to death of these 'DELIVERY FEES' attached to my bill. Last month for my house and the one next door (I pay the Gas & Lights there) I was billed and paid $511.24, JUST THE DELIVERY FEE, for this I received NOTHING! My Gas and Lights were separate. Again this is just their DELIVERY FEE for the PRIVILEGE of getting their gas and lights. This is as much as my Mortgage. Your Mortgage you can eventually pay off, this you can't and it is there every single month on the bill.

I called Customer service about it last year and asked for an explanation of this fee. The Representative was very nice and explained it is similar to the Oil company having to pay for the Truck to deliver the Oil and for the driver to drive the truck, they are charging me to get it into my house. I told her no one drives a truck to get the Gas here and she told me I was right but there is a pipe from the street to the house for the gas. I gave her that, but then told her my house was 118 years old so how the heck long do you have to pay for the PIPE!!!

She sighed and said I hear you, what really happened to create this fee was, and application was made for a rate hike and not granted, so in place of a rate hike a separate DELIVERY FEE was added instead. We never had to pay this before this company took over and I have been getting their service for some 39 yrs now. Can someone explain this to me and also tell me how as Citizens we can legally get these charges removed from our bills? It adds up to more than my Property taxes a year, no wonder why we can't pay those.

Comments, PLEASE!!!!

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  1. Yeah, I just LOVE paying NG for "delivering" my gas & electric. They didn't pay to install them so why are we paying them for it? Because at 118 years old, they're going to have to start replacing them. Oh, wait, will they? Or will the upright tax paying Real Citizens of Troy have to foot that bill too.