Friday, January 28, 2011

Great Police Work

People always have their opinions about the Troy Police Dept. some are good, some are bad, some well deserved and some not. I have always been pretty much a supporter of the Troy Police, like others I have also had some problems, some have been rectified and some haven't. In a city the size of Troy, I feel for our size and the problems we have been incurring over the past 10-15 years, there is MORE then enough work for our Officers. In fact I feel we need a lot more on the force than we have, but we can't afford them, and that is pretty sad. Our Officers on a daily basis have to deal with accidents, traffic problems, domestic problems, nonsense problems and some very serious such as murders. It is a very mixed bag.

The best officers we have on the force no doubt are well seasoned officers, those who have pretty much been through it all and have the experience of how to act and handle situations as they arise to hope for the best outcome.

When an officer knows his area and the people that inhabit it, who belongs in a neighborhood and who may be suspicious, those who are good solid citizens and those who are the problems he makes a very valuable asset for the department.

Officer Christopher Rasmussen was on patrol when the call came through with a brief description of a car that two young hoodlums were in after a alleged home invasion and assault, with a sharp eye he spotted one resembling the description and with cooperation it was stopped and the two inhabitants of the car were arrested. This officer could have been daydreaming or just cruising, but he was 'Johnnie on the spot' and deserves kudos for his work.

The two punks who committed this crime I feel are lost in an atmosphere of being cool or impressing their friends, or copy catting what they see on TV or the Movies but were clearly on the fast track of ruining their lives and now have reached their destination. It appears from what I read the perpetrators and the victims all knew each other, and I don't know the reason for the Home Invasion or what the beef was, but I do know this is not going to be a happy ending for these two. You have to wonder what goes on in their heads to make them think these types of actions are 'right' or are going to get them anywhere or why they thought they could get away with it. I am lost on this, these kids need to be taught there are other ways of gaining respect and advancing through the roads of life. Go to School, get a job, make some money, buy what you like and impress your friends and family THAT way. but I guess that just isn't cool. Well I for one am not impressed with the method that they chose, and I don't think that they are right now either.

I am impressed though with Officer Rasmussen.


  1. Chris I too feel that or police get critized far to often. I wonder sometimes if the complainers just put themselves in officers shoes just once they might have a change of heart. Especially in todays world. Our children need to be taught respect of those in authority and respect in general. Seems like no one knows the meaning of the word anymore.
    Thank you,

  2. Anonymous, thank you for your comment. I too feel people just want to complain..just to complain. I feel children and young Adult no longer have any respect for the Police and THAT I believe comes from within the home. I watch them talk back to the Police, walk right in front of their cars and hollar to them, "you can't catch us all".Are these same young people going to do these things when they need help? Police are here to help us, they can't be bothered wasting their time going after people doing 'nothing' when there are plenty of other things that need addressing.

    Thank you for reading my BLOG.


  3. I feel its very sad in this day and age that young and old african americans have to always be targeted in troy,pontiac, macomb county, roseville, sterling heights, madison heights and warren michigan, half if not all your officers and city workers are just plain racists and you can feel it as soon as you enter your city, just because my car is not new, doesn't mean I'm coming to the mall to steal. Also please stop following me around the mall, These cities that I just named are full of racists officials.


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