Friday, May 15, 2009

Where has all the Respect gone?

We all know that living in a City can be hard, and particularly hard when the weather is warmer. But in the last few years we have noticed more and more that in general the Human Race has less respect for each other than I can ever remember. When I was a Child, we were taught to say "Please" and "Thank You" and to respect our elders, and so on, but nowadays, that has all gone out the window.

Issues we have living in the City are particularly rough. Kids, some Teens, many younger and a LOT older are just out of control. Sometimes their Parents are more out of control than the kids. For instance, I think there is a huge portion of the residents of the City of Troy, that don't know what a Sidewalk is, they walk right in the middle of the road and they don't get out of the way for anyone. If you happen to give a little beep to remind them you are trying to get through, they will either walk much slower or turn around and bang on your car. No Respect.

Also, no one seems to think that folks 'sleep' anymore. They are hanging around outside your house, sitting on your steps and under your windows making all kinds of noise to all hours of the night.Sometimes drinking their Beverages out of their Brown paper bags Notice I said hanging outside YOUR house, what is wrong with THEIRS?? Obviously they aren't aware of the fact you need your sleep as you have to get up in the morning to work. Must be they don't do that.No Respect.

Ah, and now let's also go to the Convenience store and buy something, then eat it on the way home and throw the papers on YOUR property, sometime even when there is a waste receptacle right close by, such as at the Bus stop, just throw it on the ground, I guess that is easier.Or smashing their bottles on the Sidewalks or into the street so folks can get a flat tire. No respect.

This is my first BLOG..Let me hear from you with your thoughts on where all the respect has gone and what you think we should do with these people, and experiences YOU have had with NO RESPECT! Let's let them know what WE think..........................why? ..Because THAT'S THE WAY IT IS!!!


  1. You have hit it on the Head !!! Except you forgot a Couple of things, so I will remind you of them. First, Yes I Live in North Central, Right within a Block of you, and People call it " Little Harlem" The reason they call it that is, Because certain people don't care what they do to "Their Town" I've been told it's "Their Town' And I dont belong here. Well let me tell you something, I do belong here, because I get Stuff taken care of, just like you. Thats why I dont belong , because they say I am a Snitch, cuz if I'm lucky the police will come within 30 mins of Calling them, for somebody getting beat up, and why, Because the Police are AFRAID of the People that live here. If they werent they would Arrest them for Tresspassing where it is Posted, or Drinking outta there "brown" bags, or Fighting, thats why the use the Lights & sirens, so when they get here, "They" will be gone. So they dont have to deal with it. And as Far as "them" crossing the street in front of you, oh God forbid, you are on the street in a car when they feel they wanna play in the road or wanna cross the street. I told my Husband this is not a area for Kids to be raised, because the Parents dont care,or the Parents are afraid of their kids, or as they say "I didn't know he snuck out, at 4:00am" when the Police contact them. I was Raised in Eastside or Albia as you know it, and NOTHING was like this. I try to fix up the front of my house, and it gets Stolen, or broke, or wrote on. Thats my property, and you call the Police, and they say, why didnt you take it in side? Not gonna take my fence in, thats around my ENTIRE house. I know people who have Cameras on their house, get proof, and the Police are to busy to come look at it, or the Favorite " it has been assinged a Detective" They just dont tell you the Detective is in Hawaii, I mean where else can he be, I have been told this now for 3 years !!!

  2. North Central would be a great area for nuclear bomb testing! Seriously though...

    I agree about the police. Back in the day they used to have it real easy. Break up a keg party near Oakwood Cemetery here, intervene in a domestic disturbance there, throw out a few traffic tickets... it was the life of Reilly for a cop.

    But now they have to deal with real criminals and very few of the police force are up to the task. Until they start cracking down heavier where the real crime is and stop worrying about giving out speeding tickets on Route 40 in the morning things aren't going to change. Making it harder to get on welfare would certainly help too. Also, we need to get on all of these absentee landlords. Is the city of Troy up to the task of cleaning itself up?

  3. Having worked with Ms. Urzan on improving the community...There is a two fold problem. first parents need to be more accountable, more transplants from the New York City hasn't helped. Most importantly your local and county government is about as corrupt as they come from such a small city.
    There are alot of federal monies/grants available to improve any section of the city and the whole city. You voted for these officials now is the time to call them to task...election year is coming up.
    It takes a village to raise a child...worked when I was growing up.

  4. MaryBeth-- Would you care to explain your remark that your "local and county government is about as corrupt as they come"-- ??????? how so???????

  5. Everyone has made some very good points.

    I do take a bit of offense at the "Little Harlem" story though. Not the person who posted it, just the thought that this is done and why. Take a ride down to Harlem and you won't see much of the crap you see here in Troy. Harlem has beautiful clean historic neighborhoods (yes it really does), thriving businesses that the community can use without traveling to another neighborhood and a huge sense of community. The past 12 years has seen a very big change in Harlem. Anyone calling Troy "Little Harlem" because this is, so called, "their neighborhood" wouldn't be welcomed in the real Harlem. Harlem stands for pride in your neighborhood, as well as your culture and race. You will see hard working black people who love and embrace their cultural heritage, are respectful, have values, keeps the front of their residences clean and have manners. Harlem also has hundreds of people living there of all races who are very well educated and live beautifully. Harlem should never be associated with rude and thug behaviors.

  6. MaryBeth, what you wrote is so interesting. It brings to mind something I was told not too long ago by someone at city hall. I won't say the person's name who told me this. Not that I can remember the persons name after all these years.....ha ha ha Anyway, I remember going to get a permit for work to be done in my home and I was told that Troy city government was one of the most corrupt in the entire nation. Being naive at the time (and I still am) I laughed because I couldn't imagine such a thing. Plus I really did think it was funny. I stood there and laughed and laughed, even though I could see that the person was serious. I remarked to the person that America was a big place, so to say that Troy was one of the most corrupt in the nation was just really huge, but the person kept insisting and I kept finding it hilarious. Now after all that has transpired in our country over the last 8 years, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was true after all. Humanity never ceases to amaze me with its ability to harness crookedness and greed at every turn. What has crookedness and greed ever done to truly bring humanity forward? The time for change has arrived.

  7. Can someone please tell me why the city seems to be turning itself into rite aid city? How many rite aids does Troy need to have? Both Price Chopper and Hannaford have pharmacies in them and then there is also CVS. Imagine my shock and huge disappointment to see a great big box rite aid built on prime riverfront property in Lansingburgh and one of the gateways to our beautiful city. I would not have been as disappointed if it was a barnes & nobles or borders bookstore built there instead, because at least a bookstore raises the bar for a neighborhood because of the type of customers it attracts. But rite aid? How does having 24 thousand rite aids raise the bar of a neighborhood? Why don't we start thinking Trader Joes?, Whole Foods market? and yes, BORDERS BOOKSTORE and one that stays open until 11pm. I am sure that I am not the only Troy resident who loves, loves, loves to read.

    Speaking of prime riverfront property, why would businesses like gas stations, used car lots and auto mechanic garages be approved to go on the riverfront?
    Take a trip to the waterfronts of Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia, Boston, Connecticut and Philadelphia and tell me that we shouldn't be ashamed of ourselves.

  8. There is a law on the books that says people walking their dogs MUST pick up the poop. Please start enforcing this law. Homeowners are tired of pounds of poop being unloaded in front of our homes daily.

    Btw, is there some reason that there are no mailboxes on street corners? Why do I have to drive down to the post office to mail my payments to National Greed?

  9. Staw..
    There isn't enough space to BEGIN to prove what I said. I don't say things I can't back up.. But to get you started research Weed & Seed. The county literally stole money from that federal grant by the DOJ!! The county had to pay the Feds money that they spent on other things except what is was designated for. The fact that the city is grant administrator is even scarrier!
    Staw I have documents to back this up!
    Sara: I don't about it being one of the most corrupt in nation but for a small city it has many problems with honesty.

  10. Sara those mail boxes were taken in North central due to vandalism, as were pay phones. However those mail boxes were suppose to be put back as crime was decreasing in that area!!!Even the city of New Orleans has mail boxes on street corners!

  11. MaryBeth-- did the county steal the money the weed and seed board spent on that downtown bill board advertising the names of the Board Members--That must have stopped a lot of crime in North Central--
    The fact is that the county and city found a way to keep the Weed and Seed running- " literally stole money" is a strong statement-- You can not just yell "FIRE", MB you need to begin to list ALL the "corruption", as your definition may not be universal. Nobody asked for proof--just the list of all the "corruption" , even the TOP TEN..

  12. Staw
    The bill boards were APPROVED by the Program Coordinator in Washington D.C. It was actually hightlighted at the annual conference where all the Weed & Seed sites from all over the country attends. And the county didn't have to pay that money back!!
    If you really knew how the whole program worked you would know that this was ok..It may not have stopped crime...isn't that the police dept job??? but you obvisously saw the billboard which was the point of the bill board to get exposure!!

    By the way the names of board members WAS NOT on the bill board!!!
    The country didn't have to approve this just the board memebers

  13. Weed & Seed money was used in 2000 to send 5-8 probation officers to an unauthorized conference. There was no Coordinator hired unil 2001. The conference was an Auto Theft confernece.. County had to return that money, the coordinator was required to meet with Auditors from DOJ to go over expenses. It was at from this meetiing the county was requested by the Feds to provide receipts for questionable expense. The county was unable to provide the necessary receipts.

  14. Go to oppisite corners, and come out not bitching about what we cant fix. What we can fix, is get Officers that are willing to do there Job, and NOT be Afraid, of the Shit on these streets, and Hanging out at the corner stores, and Arresting them, when they are on MY porch, and it's Posted no tresspassing, and they show up, and tell them to Leave, No thats not why I got it, I got it to keep them OFF my Property, and the Police WONT do anything to help out in NC troy. Go to River & Glen and watch that Store, it's Posted on the Door, and on The Ground, the Police drive by there ALL hours from Daybreak to Daybreak, he calls the Police, and they say ok, 1/2 hour later they show up, of course their gone, they had to go get more, to sell more, and then it starts over again. I was there one night when there was a Light there, and some one came up to my Car,knocked on my window, and asked if I needed something ??

  15. Thank you MaryBeth--the actions you speak of occurred 9 years ago. Both the city and the county governments where under different leadership at that time, and if you will forgive me, the "questionable expense" sounds more like an audit finding than corruption.

    You are correct in stating that I do not know how the whole program works. I do not have the expertise of a former program coordinator. But if I had to choose an expense for sending local folks to an Auto Theft conference or billboards to raise the profile of the national organization, I'm afraid, with no disrespect intended, that I would have to pick what you call corruption as less wasteful.

  16. It all starts with the City of Troy Officials! Ask the mayor why in 2009 he could let this happen on his watch?

    It's been well over 6 months of complaining to the Mayor and our city engineer who tell me they have a plan with the building owner.

    BS Russ Reeves it's still a mess and your plan sucks! They want to pretend this isn't an issue. For months, they operated with no permits and demolished an old factory and left it behind.

    To this Day it still sits leaching into the ground and the Hudson River. City Hall is protecting the building owner and not the community and environment he serves!

    even though you wear a suit and tie, it does not make you any less of a street thug.

  17. You must be some elected offical or county/city employee because you would spend grant money that is NOT AUTHORIZED on a Auto theft conference. The DOJ and National Weed & Seed set the standard for what can be spent and how. It was under the current county executive, because the former one resigned May 15,2001, to wrong doings. (Henry Zwack)
    The point of the bill board is raise awareness that a program does exist!! It got your attention didn't it and by the way it cost $1,000 and it was visible for over 2 months!! The unauthorized conference cost over $10,000!!
    I am surprised you would want to unbury this nightmare.. because that what it was.. Look up Troy Record articles between 7/04-8/04!! that should refresh your memeory!
    Stop burying your head in the sand...
    Bottom line is the County was just a pass through for the DOJ grant. They had no say how it got spent..the Steering Committee had sole authorization!! But the county just didn't get that!! it was a constant struggle to get them to understand!!whick they never got!!!

  18. Hey MB you still got those Yankee tickets you bought with the weed and seed credit card, how about the $800 phone bills, you should be in jail. You stole from the people of North Central, not the politicians.

  19. MaryBeth-- Sorry for the confusion, but you originally said that it occurred in 2000 in your post dated May 18 3:09 PM. I took note of the Billboard not because of it's effectiveness, but because it seem to be an example of how not to spend taxpayer supported funds, but that is just my opinion, and I'm sure that others may not agree.
    I will try to look up the news stories to become more informed on the issue, but I am sure that the county end it's "pass through" relationship with the program some years back and the city picked it up. I also noticed you stated that--"The fact that the city is grant administrator is even scarrier!"-- so It seems that you have some concerns with both the city and county oversight. I am also confused on one another point---if local government oversight is not necessary, why have a "pass through" Federal requirement???
    Tina had asked for examples of "No Respect"-- Why is it that I have to be a Local Official or Employee that has a buried head and be unburying a nightmare, when I'm simply trying to respectfully disagree with your charges of local corruption and understand your points??

  20. where has all the respect gone i will tell you its all gone to cps back when i was growing up when we did something wrong as a child and a neighbor saw us they would kick our but and then bring us home to get our butt kicked now days you can't even spank your own child without getting threatend to have someone call cps on you and the language children use today is worst then a truck driver knows put soap in a child's mouth today and it gets sick and your in big trouble and thats where all the respect has gone for a kid growing up and as far as the police not doing there job why don't you take the test and join the force if you think you could do better they put there life on the line for you lets see if you got a call there was a fight and by the time you got there there was forty family members circleing around you whats your tazer gonna do no policemen should be out there alone yes there r some rookies out there who r still green but one day they will learn the law of the land and learn that if they give respect they will get respect from the people that were taught respect i have watched policemen get kicked cut swung at by women who i think are worst then men when fighting got to get more dogs they r scared of dogs and let the dogs off the leashes they have had there shots let the bad people get bit cps can't take the dogs thugs need to learn fear no matter where you live there is always gonna be bad things happening belive me i moved out of the ghetto and moved to a resadential area and a women got bludgened to death two doors away lived in the ghetto and a body was found in the basement real close to my home a man was shot dead laying in the middle of the street right in front of my living room windows we need to get the users off the street and give them as much time in jail as the sellers no need for rehab jail is rehab if in there long enough less money we have to shell out to someone that dosn't want help crack is a very addicting drug once you take that first hit your always trying to catch that first high and you never will i have seen beautiful girls sell there bodies for crack and then they look so ugly why i don't understand

  21. never mind faulting the parent;s .......fault the slumlords who rent to anything and never check up on property and the police are no help they just drive on by , they lack common sense and they DO NOT CARE, they forget your all human , that if you live there oh well attitude is terrible, or they are doing petty things you know arresting someone for spitting or jay walking, as opposed to kicking crime in the ass , as they have been hired to do ..i mean if you see a bunch of people hanging on the corner, chances are they are not reading bibles, tell them to get lost, get a life and get a job, or is it because the drug dealers have clients, you know, the buyers that keep the drug business going! you can bet that many buyer's live in the nicest area's, yeah if you want to start with respect, it has to be the entire community, the police, the parents, and the landlords!

  22. So true. We need the entire community to come together to solve these problems. Unfortunately, lately when officers try to do the job some people complain, say they are getting picked on etc. These people should not be hanging on the streets. In regards to the landlord comment, you are so right. TOO MANY SLUM LANDLORDS in Troy. They don't care who they rent to and never seem to get charged with the code complaints. Some neighborhoods are disgusting. One house on my block is over occupied and of course they hang out on my property. I asked nicely and get no where. From now on I will call the police and request they get arrested for trespassing. I am tired of going out every morning to work and have to clean up their mess.

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  24. sara, your comment about giving troy stores such as border's etc etc, will never happen, for a few reasons..borders would never waste time or effort coming to ghost town troy, and the officials never ever listen to what the trojans want, they take care of outsider's..not those who pay their salaries..