Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome to THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!

My name is Tina Urzan. I was born and raised in beautiful Troy, NY and will be contributing to the RECORD’s Blog section of the online News. We live in a City flowing with past History, Wealth and Architecture and have a beautiful future ahead of us. One of the greatest Treasures Troy has, is its people. We are a melting pot all on our own and I am hoping to hear from everyone. Groups here in Troy share the passion to bring back and keep the great Town we once had. We are happy, we are sad and we can get angry! A person with a voice is one who cares and I want to hear your responses!

We will be chatting about Local, State and National issues. Discussing what is happening on your block. What problems you are having, how to solve them. Who is good for Troy, who is standing in our way, raise some rabble if we need to and praise the people and their deeds on our road here. In other words I want to hear everyone’s 2 Cents worth and more………….because THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!!


  1. tina , how do you stand it? i know i lived there for years and got the hell out!! those houses used be beautiful and the owner's took pride.......welfare pays the rent of these young girls who have tons of kids, then let the thuggy b/f move right on in..........

    i have no idea how you manage to run your b and b, i mean seriously who would want to stay there? and that is no disrespect to you at all..

    the lack of police is actually hurting business and potential tax generator's...

    i wish you luck, though the only way it will ever change is for welfare to cut back , landlords to deny thugs, and the police to crack down..

  2. I also wish you luck. I do not think Troy is the place to start a new business. It has become a slum city. Just drive thru south troy, pools on the front sidewalks, cookers, couches and yes GARBAGE and I mean alot of it. I am ashamed to say I was born and raised her. Slum landlords are getting away with way too much. Welfare is so easy to come by. WE NEED TO CRACK DOWN ON IT. So much welfare fraud, I know some welfare recipients are healthy and can work. They get everything handed to them. Troy, Rensselaer County need to get a grip on it. Thank you

  3. I agree with you both, Troy is seeing its hard times and a good deal of it IS due to Welfare. People unknowingly enslave themselves when they accept Welfare, they need to have pride and not always look for the easy way out. THEN we have all the Welfare cheats living way better than we do and that really costs us. Though I have to tell you, it is not only here in Troy, I have many many Guests at the B&B who also still live in Family houses in the City and they tell me it is the same there and they are DISGUSTED!!! I have had Guests from 37 different Countries and they tell me they are having the same problems too in some different ways, some with and without Welfare programs, of people that just don't want to work and have NO self pride. All I can say is...if we keep trying to put good people and good businesses BACK into Troy instead of abandoning it, we will prevail. Too many people run from a problem instead of staying and fixing it or fighting for their neighborhood.