Friday, November 30, 2012

Troy City Council

     Well last night was the Full Moon and let me tell you the Lunatics were out mainly at the Finance Committee meeting. I was so very sorry I couldn't make it as I usually do, because I had a lot I wanted to say, but I guess that was good for the lunatics. I will say it here, then they will have the opportunity to read it over and over, in case they can't believe what they did.

    First of all they should be completely ashamed of themselves, I voted for a couple of them, out and out supported Lynn Kopka, and now "I" am ashamed I did both of those things.

     Second, this is a big waste of Taxpayers money when Troy is in such sad shape financially. $30,000, for a part time 20 hr. position plus benefits. I think you Council Folks should pay that out of your pockets, please don't spend my money on such crap. We do not need a Commissioner to oversee the Chief and 1 Asst. Chief and one Deputy Chief, I think there is already plenty being spent there in salaries and tons of knowledge and experience, what on earth is a Commissioner going to do besides appease Bob Fitzgerald? He isn't even a Taxpayer. We all know what is behind this, pure politics and sour grapes. For those of you spreading around the word the Chief was appointed in the dead of night behind closed doors, I guess you don't know AM from PM and Mayor Tutunjian waited months before he made a decision on who he chose and he made it based on who he thought could rectify the problems in the Police Dept., mainly the runaway overtime and other internal problems which were quite serious. Seeing the previous Chief suddenly retire should make any ones ears perk up. Neither Tedesco or Tutunjian made him do that, and that left the position open.

     My thoughts are that the person the Mayor is going to appoint is Tony Magnetto, someone I personally like. But I care very little for sour grapes, he left the dept, and should stay there. He and Tedesco were great friends, started on the force the same day, rode together as partners for years, what happened here Tony? Should he be appointed to the position, no. No one should obviously be appointed to this and should he and he accept it I am sure he is going to regret it, this City is messed up, Politics have ruined it. Mayor Rosamilia states he is going to take a while and find the absolute best candidate for the position, do I believe that? No. The Council will push him around like they already have and tell them who they want and who could he find that is an 'excellent' candidate for $30,000 and a 20 hr part time position in a City with a Council partly comprised of inexperienced people, who try to run a Police Dept with experience in Policing that they don't have? He would have to be a nut too.Maybe Bob Fitzgerald will quit his Patrolman's position and then apply. We will have to run for cover as taxes will go sky high and there will so many Officers doing other things than patrolling crime will really go crazy.

     The main problem with Tedesco being appointed was he has no skeletons in closet that Fitzie can pressure him with revealing, if he doesn't get his way, so he has to resort to suing the City (umm you and me)and telling lies to newly appointed Council members who eagerly eat it up and run out and do stupid things without any proof or experience and think they are doing good. If they were so concerned with Public Safety and knew what they were doing, why was Kevin McGrath a convicted Felon appointed to the Public Safety Committee? I think that has to fall to, I am very sad to say, my former good friend Lynn Kopka. Also Tedesco bent over backwards for Lynn for years like he did for all of us heads of Neighborhood Assn leaders. Thank you Lynn.. I am sure he would like to say that but I will say it for him. Nina Nichols, I don't recall her being involved in any City Committees regarding Public Safety previous to her run for Council, so where is her background in the Police Dept.? None of them can disagree with anything of what is being written here. After they all fail to be re-elected next term they will leave behind a never ending stream of conversation of 'remember them'? Whew glad they are gone! Am I angry? No just confused on how we end up with such irresponsible people doing such brainless deeds and they get PAID for it with YOUR money! Something is "screwie" here and that may be the key word.

     I know very few of the new cops on the force now, and there are a lot, I use to know 80% of them. I can't conceive of how they can work under these circumstances, all created by their PBA head, I think those that support their Chief should speak up and tell him so, some are so new on the force they really know nothing of previous problems and probably really don't want to. Some probably want to run for shelter.

     Well here we are at the end and as always, I leave my opinion as "That's the Way it Is", and more people should, and more should speak up and maybe we could stop hiding all the crap that goes on in Troy and make it a nice City to live in. Write the Pulse of the People in the Record and spit it out.

      My opinion is the Chief should run for Mayor next election, he would win hands down unless, of course, there is the ultimate Democrat  regime that will cover the city to make sure we stay king of VOTER FRAUD! Our crowning glory.........

My second opinion is that they should completely dissolve the Police Dept., privatize it, hire back the cops that WANT to be cops and not just come here and punch in everyday and can't wait to get the hell out and of course NO UNION. Then the Citizens of Troy can feel like those Policing us want to be here and care for our safety and well being.


  1. Isn't it amazing that teddy tried and failed to be a "deputy Commissioner" under Mark Whitman, because he wasn't reachable on the civil service list for Chief so he tried to get Dennis Fernet to sign off which Fernet refused to do. So teddy was sworn in as Assistant Chief by Whitman at the 86 gym on the RPI campus. After that, he constantly schemed behind Chief Kaiser's back and had him threatened by King Tut which forced Kaiser to get an attorney to have Tut back off. Kaiser retired because Harry wouldn't let him do his job, directing Kaiser to not conduct any internal affairs investigations without Harry's permission. Did I leave out City Hall was under investigation for selling drugs? That lead teddy to abolish the drug unit. Tedeso was promoted to Chief by King Tut which lead to a harassment lawsuit by Fitzgerald, disbanding of the ERT, school resource officers and community police unit, crime running rampant because teddy wouldn't pay a detective any overtime to investigate anything. As for the sergeants taking sick leave to bolster overtime for other sergeants, that never happened and teddy knows it. He got caught by the City Council trying to hide the thousands of dollars he spent for an audit that proved it didn't happen, and, to top it off, he had three tests for Captains until his buddy Centanni finally was reachable. Then he gave his car to his sidekick Centanni, who the audit proved has consistently been by far the worst sick leave abuser, and who still hasn't worked more than half the time after he was promoted by teddy.

    If Carmella won the election teddy surely would've run rampant over the department and his buddy Franco would have to position of spokes person for the City. And now teddy has the audacity to complain that he is a "victim" of politics?

    There's a lot more but I'm running out of time.

    Let's see if Franco prints that.

  2. I guess if the Chief is going to run for Mayor, he would actually have to live in the city first. Nothing says Troy is a safe city like a Police Chief who lives in Colonie.

  3. Tina,
    Where do I even start with this? I understand that the you and the chief have a "special" relationship and that he gives you special treatment such as leaves a car around your B&B because I have seen it but for the rest of us, if you haven't noticed - crime is up drastically! Maybe you don't want to blame him and blame it on everything else but the buck stops with him when it comes to crime in the city and when my kids are out there and there are bullets flying - we need help. I find it funny that you were quick to blame the previous chief when something happened in the city but now its everyone elses fault??? As for the previous chief leaving suddenly! Wow, he and his wife bought a condo in florida two years before he turned 62, he waited until he turned 62 (just like Tedesco says plans on doing) then he retired on the up and up. Nothing sudden, everyone knew it!

    You also keep blaming everything on Bob Fitzgerald and as a worker of Troy, that is wrong. I believe that Bob is doing what he was hired to do and that is looking out for the PBA. Maybe you don't like it, maybe the city has to talk through everything to get what they want but that was what he was hired to do and he is doing his job. We cannot fault him for that and we should not hold it against him if he is good at his job.

    As for the Chief, he does not live in the city or even the county and DOES NOT PAY TAXES either, so that comment goes right out the window and he should live here before anyone else in the department. Also, being promoted in the dead of night - please do your homework - he was promoted to Asst Chief in the dead of night, outside a RPI gym at 9:00pm at night. Was that politics at its best of what??? Also, he and Tutunjian tried to make him the Commissioner when Kaiser was the chief but couldn't get it done. Kaiser had to get a lawyer to keep them off him. They made his life hell. Also, he has been trying to get a job elsewhere for years and no one will hire him because they can see right through him.

    In ending, Tedesco is not who you think he is. I'm sure you listen to him and he tells you what you want to hear and believe me - he is very good at smoozing. But in the end, he will stab you in the back if he doesn't need you anymore. I feel bad for anyone who believes a word this man says. He is very good at the BS.

    So, Tina, before you write again, please do your homework and do some exploring and history on this man. He has more skeletons in his closet than you know.


    1. Debbie, I think you are wrong on a few accounts here so investigate before you comment please. Tedesco DOES pay taxes in Troy, still owns his house on 3rd Street. And how many Officers that are supposed to live in Troy don't or are using someone else's address. As you Bob Fitzgerald being very good at costing the taxpayers much more than they need, HE is the one who doesn't pay Troy taxes and he draws his salary directly from the Taxpayer so he should recognize the financial state the City is in and do the smart thing and be fiscal before the City collapses in Bankruptcy and the poor Officers get nothing. Did you ever think of that? There are 3 Cities in the Country I know of that happened too and the Police and Fire Depts. now draw a mandated minimum wage. There may even be more now.

      Also no "special" friendship with the Chief, he leaves NO cars here at the B&B or near it, if you see one on Glen Ave. it is the Traffic Cop who sits there as we have so many speeders and it is a perfect location besides being able to monitor what goes on at Stewarts. Perhaps if I were getting 'special' treatment I would have gotten the legal policing I deserve when come house was being broken into and the 911 operator was listening on the phone to the door being kicked in and the Police wouldn't do anything because he claimed he thought his 'girlfriend' was staying here (at 2 in the morning in the middle of a Blizzard and not a person here. #2 My front hall was trashed and furniture damaged and large flowered Pottery was thrown in the street and my phone pulled off the wall. Officer said they couldn't do anything as she was Mentally ill. #3 Guest was trying to leave without paying a $500 bill, I had my car parked in my driveway and he couldn't get out. Officer said, take it up in small claims court and move your car or I will arrest you! For his education I am a Business not a Landlord... so you see Debbie dear, no special treatment here, but I have been told by other Officers I am getting this treatment due to Patrolman Bob Fitzgerald, oh he does a wonderful job doesn't he. I think if he wants to do anything for his Officers he should get some of them trained.As for Skeletons in the Closet, be sure you don't force some of them to come out. Even Jim Franco says the sudden resignation doesn't want to be discussed and all that 'jazz' brought back up. We need to stop this Politcal BS and get back to the job of Policing. It would be nice to find Patrolman Bob Fitzgerald on the street again instead of the Mayors office, he is getting paid an awful lot to sit there all day. I think you should ask Nick Kaiser who was making his life hell, it wasn't Tedesco or Tutunjian. And if there are skeletons in Tedesco's closets bring em on out for us all to see.

  4. Soooooooooooo, I get to pay Magnetto's retirement package AND a $30K stipend to pick on Tedesco? No way! Not happening.....Keep the faith!

  5. What happened to my comment or do you only print the ones that agree with you?

    1. Dear Anonymous, the Comments have to be sent to me to be moderated before they can be published, this group came in a lump of 5. I publish them all, good, bad, interesting, boring, truthful or downright lies. Even those whom people are ashamed to sign.