Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rebirth of City Hall

The following appeared in the Pulse of the People, The RECORD, Feb. 24, 2011

Much has been said about the location of a new Troy City Hall. Many are very pleased it is no longer located in the old building due to the mold problems, wasted space, a Council Chamber that was designed so inadequately it was very hard to hear anything that was being said in there, and just the plain old design of it. Personally I thought it was the ugliest building I ever saw. The structure was completely out of character for a great historical City like Troy, known for it's fine architecture. Suggestions for a new City Hall have been plentiful. Some like where it is right now, the old Verizon building at 1776 Sixth Ave. That is an acceptable location with parking, though there is not a Council Chamber and use has been being made of the Christ Church on State and Fifth Aves. I have to add, I like the situation and the sound enhancement and the atmosphere. There is plenty of comfortable seating and vision is excellent.

So at this point I would like to bring a fresh consideration into play. St. Patrick's Church in Uptown/North Central has been closed. Next door to it on the North is the former convent for the nuns, the Rectory is to the south of it. How wonderful it would be for City Hall to relocate here. The Convent could be turned into individual offices and also the Rectory. The Church would make an absolute outstanding location for the Council Chamber! It would afford the same position we now have for the meetings as Christ Church provides, roomy, wonderful views for those participating in the meetings and it is AIR CONDITIONED! When the location is not being used for Chamber functions, other meetings could be booked there holding many more people than the former City Hall ever afforded. Community meetings, Department meetings, Holiday functions and whatever type of purpose the Community could need. Also the City could rent it out for other gathering and help pay for its upkeep. There is parking on the corner of Douw and Sixth, and it is between 2 Bus lines which would make it accessible to everyone. The location is less than 1/2 mile from the major highways and right off of Route 7. The Community Police Station is half a block to the North. What a wonderful re-use of a building to keep a Community active and vibrant. The building is in wonderful condition and handicapped accessible. Extra parking could be found in other locations of the buildings that are slated for demolition or abandoned in the future.

Can you imagine the Kudos our City administration and Council would receive for such a fine change of venue for this building? I envision the magnitude of Citizens speaking of the brilliance of this occupation and use for the populace of Troy and the alternate uses for the general public. It would lessen the gap between the northern and central parts of Troy which is closing everyday with the development of the River St. area just north of the Green Island Bridge and also new talk of development of the former Marshall Ray building and the former Mooradians just south of that, is also ripe for redevelopment. Next would come new small businesses, restaurants, etc. and mid level and larger businesses. What a comprehensive boost to this area with the Street/Structural grant coming in mid 2012.

If you agree, let your City Administrators and Council Representative know.


  1. I posted a comment last week that was against using St. Patrick's....but I guess it went against the grain......since it's not posted.

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